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News and advice for the Nanny Industry

Go Gross

We called this the ultimate guide to Net vs Gross for a reason! Here we’ll discuss the differences between a net and a gross salary, the history of 'take home pay' and most importantly why both employers and nannies will benefit from 'going gross'.

 Boy Girl Laptop

 Here at Nannytax we often get asked ‘what are my legal duties as a nanny employer?’ To ensure you are fully aware of your responsibilities we have created a useful guide below.

Can I afford a nanny

Hiring a nanny is a wonderful childcare option, the most flexible available and unique to your family’s routine and lifestyle. What can seem daunting is working out and tallying up the costs involved.

self employed

Can a nanny be self-employed? We’re often asked this at Nannytax but the answer isn’t straightforward.


Taking a nanny on holiday can be a great idea for busy families in need of a helping hand but there are certain things that need to be laid out in advance.