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Nannytax | Why Nannies Need Nanny Friends

Why Nannies Need Nanny Friends

Nannytax | Why Nannies Need Nanny Friends

Ella (also known as @superyachtnanny) shares her thoughts on why it’s so important to have nanny friends!

Hi, I’m Ella! I’ve been in the yachting world for over eight years, with six of those spent as a superyacht nanny. Having gathered a host of experience in childcare roles, as well as having worked as a stewardess onboard superyachts, I’m running superyachtnanny.co.  A totally unique online space, I assist nannies and stewardesses in creating unforgettable experiences for little ones on yacht charters. 

When working as a freelancer, like I do, having some great nanny friends and a supportive network, is so important.

This is why nannies need nanny friends:

1. Emotional Support

Nanny roles can be incredibly rewarding, but they also come with their share of challenges. Whether it’s dealing with demanding kids, navigating tricky work environments, or just feeling plain worn out from long hours, nanny friends are a lifesaver. They understand what you’re going through, and they’re there to lend a supportive ear and a comforting word when you need it.

Nannytax | Why Nannies Need Nanny Friends | Emotional Support

2. Job Connections

In the world of nannying, many job opportunities come through good old word-of-mouth. Families often prefer hiring nannies who come recommended by someone they trust. That’s where your nanny buddies come into play as some of the best jobs never hit a job board. Friends in the business can clue you in on what jobs are fab, which to avoid and also share insight on agencies. It can feel like having your personal job hotline!

3. Sharing Know-How

Nannies are always picking up new tips and tricks while taking care of their charges. Whether it’s negotiating an airport with a two-year-old or discovering inventive ways to get them to eat their veggies, sharing these insights with fellow nannies can elevate everyone’s game. By pooling your collective wisdom, you and your nanny pals can make your jobs more manageable and, dare I say, even more enjoyable.

Nannytax | Why Nannies Need Nanny Friends | Sharing Know-How

4. Advocating for Change

Looking at the bigger picture, having a network of nanny friends can be a powerful force for championing important issues within the industry. For instance, the awareness of guaranteed working hours for full-time nannies has definitely been impactful.

5. Down Time

Nanny life often involves erratic schedules, making it tough to make plans with friends who work a typical 9-5. However, there is a strong chance you and your nanny friends will both have time off at the same place at the same time at some point – perfect to enjoy some much-needed R&R together (this has happened to me a fair few times!)

Nannytax | Why Nannies Need Nanny Friends | Down time

For me, having nanny friends isn’t just about having a clique – it’s a lifeline. These pals offer emotional support, insider job connections, ingenious childcare hacks, a united front for change, and a crew to relax with during your well-deserved breaks. 

So, if you’re a nanny, don’t go it alone – come and join my online crowd through the Superyacht Nanny Facebook group

Nannytax | Why Nannies Need Nanny Friends | Ella


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