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Refer a Friend | Nannytax

Refer a Friend Scheme

Give 20%, get £50

Gift your friend 20% off their subscription and earn yourself a £50 voucher as a thank you! This can be redeemed with 100+ UK brands including Amazon, ASOS, Ticketmaster and John Lewis.

As the Jackson 5 once said, “It’s as easy as 123”

1. Tell your friend all about Nannytax add remove

Tell your friend all about Nannytax and give them the special discount code that can be found in your members area!

2. Pester your friends until they sign up add remove

Make sure they enter your name once they’ve entered the code so that they get their 20% discount and so that you get your voucher!

3. Get your £50 voucher add remove

As long as you’ve not given your friend a fake name 👀, our smart system will match it all up! You’ll be sent a £50 voucher and your pal will owe you big time for getting them a whopping 20% off their subscription!

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