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End to End Nanny Payroll Service | Nannytax

End-to-end Nanny Payroll Service

Nannytax handle your nanny payroll from start to finish

Our award-winning nanny payroll service team handle everything from your initial Nanny PAYE Scheme set up to producing the final P45 when your nanny leaves. Here you can learn more about what we’ll take off your hands with a Nannytax payroll subscription.

Nanny PAYE Scheme Set-Up

Register with HMRC – UK employer registration with HM Revenue and Customs.

Nanny PAYE Scheme – Apply for your Nanny PAYE Scheme based on the information gathered from set up process in your Employer Members Area.

Payroll Agent verification – Ensure legal documentation is in place so we can liaise with HMRC as your payroll agent.

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"I've been a client for over 15 years now, and the service has always been smooth, slick and good value. Recent enhancements have only made it even better!"

A - Nannytax Customer
Jan 2021
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"It's been quite smooth from start, specially coming from a different experience with a competitor. I needed to amend a few payslips as well, and they responded quickly and were very efficient. Great experience so far!"

Raquel - Nannytax Customer
Jan 2021
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"I have been a Nannytax customer for years now and cannot rate them highly enough. Efficient, easy to use website and always very helpful staff, willing to answer any queries at all."

Isabe - Nannytax Customer
Jan 2021
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"I am so impressed with this service! As a first time Nanny employer I signed up to Nannytax to assist me with all of the payroll and HR requirements and it has been so easy to get everything sorted! It is a comfort to know that all the correct processes are being followed for my Nanny and having the HR support is invaluable especially during these unchartered COVID times. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who is employing a Nanny, you will not regret using this service!"

AW - Nannytax Customer
Jan 2021
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On-going Payslip Administration

Run the payslips – Provide you with weekly/monthly payslips via your Employer Members Area (sign off your nanny’s payslips so they can download via the Nanny Members Area).

Tax and NI – Calculate Tax and National Insurance plus any other deductions applicable.

Quarterly/Monthly Liabilities – Calculate what you need to pay to HMRC every month/quarter and notify you of these amounts via email.

RTI Returns – Report to HMRC every time you pay your nanny, under Real Time Information (RTI) obligations.

Backdating and arrears – Backdated payroll if your nanny has already begun working for you when you sign up to our services.

Late tax/penalties resolution – Resolve any HMRC letters such as appealing against a penalty or late payment.

Tax Documents – Process P60s, P45s, P11Ds and other tax related documents.

Statutory Rights – Administer Statutory Maternity/Sick Pay as and when required.

Comprehensive Records – Record keeping for you and your employees in line with GDPR.

Calculation Requests

As part of your Nannytax Payroll Subscription we can assist with your calculation requests.

Common examples of more complicated calculations include:

Irregular working hours – if your nanny does not work the same hours each week (our free-to-use online salary calculator cannot accommodate for this).

Less common Tax Codes – if your employee is not on a standard tax code, for example works more than one job.

Annualised Salaries – if you require an annual salary calculation based on either an hourly or daily rate of pay.

Term time and Non term-time – if your nanny works different hours during term time and non term time.

Nanny shares/ Tax code split – if you are part of a nanny share arrangement and require a tax code split calculation so that each employer pays the same amount of tax on the nanny’s earnings.

What do I need to do each month with Nannytax?

Inform us of any changes

Make sure you let us know of any changes that may affect your nanny’s next payslip, such as overtime, by that months payroll cut off date.

Approve your nanny's payslip

We’ll email you when your payslips are ready to view and approve. You can also query these in your Members Area.

Pay your nanny & HMRC

Unless your a Nannytax Plus customer, you’ll need to pay the Tax and NI liabilities due to HMRC (paid either monthly or quarterly depending on the amount) and pay your nanny the net amount stated on the payslip.

Premium Payroll Service Benefits: Exclusive to Nannytax Plus Customers

As a Nannytax Plus customer you will benefit from all of the above but also:

We pay your nanny directly every pay day.

We pay your HMRC liabilities on your behalf.

We only require communication from you when there has been any over time, sick days or a change in employment circumstances.

That means you don’t have to worry about missing those pay day or HMRC deadlines!

Other Nannytax Membership Benefits

Employment Contract & HR Team

We provide all our Nannytax clients with a bespoke nanny contract plus a handbook outlining each of the terms.

Employer Members Area

We think accessing payslips and important documents should be as simple, secure and accessible as possible. That’s where your Employer Members Area comes in.

Emergency Childcare

As a Nannytax Customer you can benefit from 50% off a monthly, yearly or 10-year membership with the market leader in Emergency Childcare.