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Nanny Salaries

What Else Should I Consider?

One of the key factors which determines a nanny’s rate of pay is location, for example nannies who are based in London can generally command higher salaries than those who are outside of the capital. There are other factors to take into account when agreeing a salary with your nanny, keep reading to find out more.

Education, Qualifications, and Training

Qualifications and training can enhance a nanny’s rate of pay.

Years of Experience

As in any profession, the more experience you have specific to a job, the more you can practise and refine your skills. This means that usually you earn more as you progress through your career, and the same applies for nannies.

“The nanny’s level of experience and any special qualifications can affect their salary. Nannies with teaching qualifications or specialised training may lead to higher wages.”

British Nanny Association

Number of Children

A common question is whether the number of children the nanny cares for plays a part in the cost of a nanny.

The majority of our nanny agencies say that the number of children a nanny cares for does not affect a nanny’s rate of pay.

Please note, Nanny shares are an exception to this as they are an arrangement where two or more families employ the same nanny – each family must still pay the National Minimum Wage.

Additional Duties

Some families may want their nannies to take on additional duties, such as light housekeeping. It is important to discuss this with your nanny and agree on what their role will include. You can take a look at the Types of Nanny Jobs to see which one might best fit your family’s needs.

Norland Nannies

Norland qualified nannies are recognised as some of the highest paid nannies in the UK and across the world.

The college has published these guidelines on Norland nanny salaries in line with their years of experience after graduating.

“If any children in the household have additional needs (SEN requirements, or disabilities) this could mean the family leans towards hiring a nanny with additional training, or experience working with SEN children in previous positions. In this case you would expect to see a higher rate advertised.”

Abigail Plested, Rosebud Nanny Agency