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Switching to Nannytax

Premium Nanny Payroll Service

Benefits of Employing a Nanny for your Children
Dissatisfied with your current payroll provider?

Reasons to switch

Not only do we take pride in the service we provide, but customer service is also of paramount priority to us and we only charge a flat rate with no hidden costs and no surprises.

We are the original nanny payroll experts with over 25 years of experience and our comprehensive service includes Employment Contracts and Employment Law Support.

How does it work and how much does it cost?

The Nannytax Nanny Payroll Service is an all-inclusive nanny PAYE service that encompasses nanny payroll, a bespoke employment contract and HR support. We are here to make employing a nanny easy for you.

From £276 per annum

You can add Nannytax Plus for an extra £15 per month, where we pay HMRC and your nanny each month and you have the choice of 3 subscription options: 3, 6 and 12 months (3 and 6 month subscriptions over the phone only).

We Deal With HMRC On Your Behalf add remove

Our end-to-end nanny PAYE payroll service will take care of all your HMRC responsibilities. That is everything from registering you as an employer, submitting RTI (Real Time Information) returns (a HMRC duty) for you every month, to producing and sending your nanny’s P60 at the end of a tax year.

Online Members Area add remove

Manage your Nannytax account from one place. The¬†Members Area will¬†keep a record of all payslips, P60s, and other relevant documents. It is where you can make changes to your nanny‚Äôs salary and tell us when your nanny is leaving. Additionally, you can set up your employee with their own member’s area¬†so that they can view their payslips as and when they need to.

Bespoke Employment Contracts & Unlimited HR Support add remove

Nannytax will provide you with a tailored contract, which is created by our specialist HR advisors. We will also give you a nanny handbook which explains the employment policies in detail, to help both you and your employee understand and agree to the terms in the contract.

Nannytax HR run a helpline to support you with any legal advice or behavioural queries. You can contact Nannytax HR at any time for no additional fee once you have subscribed. We’ll also provide you with various downloadable factsheets, including holiday request forms to give to your employee to use, all via your Members Area.

Optional Add-On Services add remove

We also have optional add-on services available to you. This includes providing you with compulsory Employers Liability Insurance through Enable Insurance.


Additionally, our Nanny Pensions Service works seamlessly with Nannytax Payroll Plus. Each month we will calculate the amounts for your nanny’s pension scheme so your nanny can see this on their payslips.


Our pension experts will then handle all the ongoing pension admin in line with The Pensions Regulator from monitoring your employee’s status, completing your declaration of compliance, and keeping comprehensive auto-enrolment records.

Payroll & HR

£276 per annum

(£20 surcharge for weekly payslips)

Our end-to-end Payroll and HR service includes a bespoke nanny employment contract.

Choose from 3 subscription options: 3, 6 and 12 months (3 and 6 month subscriptions over the phone only).

Add Nannytax Plus for an extra £15 per month, where we pay HMRC and your nanny each month.

Thinking of switching?

It couldn’t be easier

We just need a few things to get you swtiched. Your last payroll provider should supply these for you:

  • PAYE Scheme Reference Number.
  • Collection Reference Number.
  • P11 to the last date processed (only required after subscription).

How do I make the switch?

Either call us on¬†020 3137 4401 or subscribe online and we’ll do the rest.

Nanny Childcare Costs

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