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Nannytax Payroll Plus

Premium Nanny Payroll Service

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Our Premium Add-On Service

Nannytax Payroll Plus

With Nannytax Payroll Plus, we’ll make the payments every month to your nanny and to HMRC on your behalf therefore there are no calls upon your time once you’re set up.

You can add this onto your payroll subscription for only an additional £15 per month and as long as your nanny is on a fixed salary and is paid monthly, we can get you set up in minutes.

Nannytax Plus Customer, Sept 2021

‘Payroll Plus Is Excellent, It Minimises The Admin My Side’

86% of our customers add Nannytax Plus to their subscription.

Sign up online by the button below where you can add Payroll Plus to your subscription package.

How does it work and how much does it cost?

On top of the standard Nannytax payroll service, which includes a bespoke employment contract and unlimited access to our HR services, the Payroll Plus service includes making salary payments directly to your nanny on the last working day of each month and paying Tax and National Insurance liabilities to HMRC on your behalf.

There are no calls on your time except to advise us of any changes — such as changes to contact information, bank account details, or your nanny’s pay.

Our premium Nannytax Payroll Plus service costs £15 per month in addition to the Nannytax annual fee.

We will add the £15 to the amount we take from your account each month.

We Deal With HMRC On Your Behalf add remove

Once you join Nannytax, we will set up your Nanny PAYE Scheme. Having this in place enables you to pay any tax and National Insurance (NI) contributions on your nanny’s earnings. As a Nannytax Payroll Plus customer, we will make these tax and NI payments to HMRC each month for you.


Our end-to-end payroll service team will also ensure all the necessary paperwork is in place so we can act on your behalf as your payroll agent going forward.

We Do The Tax, Run The Payslips & Pay Your Nanny add remove

As well as calculating the tax and NI due and paying this to HMRC, we will then directly pay your nanny their salary each month. Providing regular payslips to your nanny is a legal requirement.


With Nannytax Payroll Plus you’ll have peace of mind that your nanny’s monthly pay is taken care of. Plus this gives your nanny the added benefit of a set pay day each month which provides certainty and helps them plan ahead to manage their outgoings.

A Free Bespoke Nanny Contract & Unlimited HR Support add remove

Our HR team will prepare a bespoke nanny contract based on your requirements, completely free of charge. Having a contract of employment place is now a legal requirement from day 1 of your nanny’s employment.


Plus, going forward you will have unlimited access to our HR team via email or phone for any legal or behavioral matters. Common topics HR deals with include holidaymaternity leave, and nanny shares.

Optional Add-On Services add remove

We also have optional add-on services available to you. This includes providing you with compulsory Employers Liability Insurance through Enable Insurance.


Additionally, our Nanny Pensions Service works seamlessly with Nannytax Payroll Plus. Each month we will calculate the amounts for your nanny’s pension scheme so your nanny can see this on their payslips.


Our pension experts will then handle all the ongoing pension admin in line with The Pensions Regulator from monitoring your employee’s status, completing your declaration of compliance, and keeping comprehensive auto-enrolment records.


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Hassle-free Payroll Upgrade

Nannytax Payroll Plus

If you are already a Nannytax client, you will need to upgrade over the phone. Call us on 020 3137 4401 to subscribe to Nannytax Payroll Plus.

If you’re new to Nannytax then you can add Nannytax Payroll Plus to your subscription you join us. Simply click the button below to sign up online.

5 Ways Nannytax Plus Saves you Time

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