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Childcare Options

Assess your childcare options

Considering your family’s childcare options? Ultimately it comes down to the amount of flexibility required and your budget. Below we go in to the different types of childcare available to help you decide what might best suit you and your children.

Day Nurseries

Day Nurseries, provide your child with lots of opportunity to socialise with other children usually within a non-residential setting dedicated to that nursery.

They often offer half and full days and some require plenty of notice for additional days/changes to your child’s attendance.

Nurseries can be cost effective and most will provide breakfast, lunch and tea and provide nappies and milk for your child.


Nannies are one of the most flexible types of childcare option with the added benefit of being in your home. You can determine the start and finish time with your nanny which is ideal if your job is not 9am-5pm.

You can also have more say over your child’s day, including sleeping times, playdates and attending classes.  Some nannies will also help you with your household chores such as light cleaning and tidying up.

Hiring a nanny can be the most expensive option, however this does vary depending on where you live and the qualifications and experience of the nanny. Check out our latest nanny salary index data where you can find out the average hourly rate in your area.

Nannies provide the most flexible option with the added benefit of being in your home.
You can determine that start and finish time which is ideal if your job is not a 9-5.

Registered Childminders

Registered Childminders are a good all round option. They are in a home setting, usually your childminder’s home, with a small group of children who are often all different ages.

Most childminders can be very flexible starting at 7.30 in the morning until 6pm-7pm at night. These child carers are one of the most cost effective childcare solutions. As with nursery and pre-school settings, Ofsted regulate each childminder.

Pre School

Pre-Schools are a cost effective solution for children over 2 years old. They operate in line with the school year between 9am and 3pm each day.

Parents can use their 15/30 hours funded support leaving very little cost other than providing food and nappies.

Considering employing a Nanny?

Considering a nanny for your family but worried about the legalities of becoming an employer? That’s where we come in. We’ll set you up with a Nanny PAYE Scheme, run the pay slips and deal with HMRC on your behalf. We also offer services in nanny pensions and insurance. Speak to a member of our team today or alternatively get going and subscribe to our services now.

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