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Ofsted Requirements for Nannies

How to become an Ofsted Registered Nanny

Ofsted have fours sets of mandatory criteria for nannies who wish to become Ofsted-registered. Once these requirements have been met, nannies and other Home Childcarers can voluntarily register through the Government Gateway website.

Why should Nannies register with Ofsted?

Nannies aren’t legally required to register with Ofsted however many nannies are choosing to join the voluntary part of the Ofsted register. This isn’t surprising as the demand for Ofsted-registered nannies has largely increased over the years. A major factor is that nannies must be Ofsted-registered in order for nanny employers to utilise the Tax-Free childcare scheme. Below we have split out the benefits for both parties as there are advantages for both the employer and the nanny.

Benefits of having an Ofsted Nanny

Employing an Ofsted Registered nanny enables parents to benefit from financial childcare support schemes such as Tax-free Childcare. This is because a nanny’s Ofsted status is required for setting up the account. Ofsted registration also provides reassurance as it demonstrates that your nanny has DBS clearance, appropriate insurance and up-to-date qualifications.

Benefits of being an Ofsted Nanny

Becoming an Ofsted Registered nanny makes you attractive to employers and is a great asset for your nanny portfolio. It enhances your professional status and gives many prospective employers the option to utilise childcare support schemes. It is therefore likely to make you more employable in this increasingly competitive industry.

How to join the Nanny Ofsted Register

  • Nannies will need to complete an online application on the voluntary childcare register through the Government Gateway website.
  • The Ofsted application costs approximately £105 and you must renew this every year.
  • Ofsted aims to process applications within 12 weeks.
There are fours sets of criteria that nannies must fulfil before they can apply to become Ofsted-registered.

Ofsted Registration Criteria

There are four sets of criteria that nannies must fulfil before they can apply to become Ofsted-registered. These are set out below:

Paediatric First Aid

• Paediatric First Aid training differs from general First Aid training as it deals specifically with infants and children.

• It is an essential skill for anyone working with children.

• The training costs approximately £80-£120, depending on the training provider and course.

• A Paediatric First Aid certificate remains valid for 3 years.

• You must undertake a refresher course once the certificate expires.

Enhanced DBS check

• This is a police and criminal records check to ensure the individual is safe to work with children.

• The DBS replaced the former Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) in December 2012.

• It costs approximately £50-£60.

• You must renew the check each year.

Nannies can sign up to the government update service to automatically renew their DBS every year.

You can read more about DBS checks here.

The Common Core Skills and Knowledge in Childcare

• This usually applies to a nanny who is relatively new to childcare and has had no formal training. There are various nanny training organisations around the country offering one-day courses.

• It costs approximately £50-£150, depending on the training provider and course.

Nanny Public Liability Insurance

• Public Liability Insurance provides essential cover for the nanny should anything happen to the children while they are in their care that they could be held responsible for.

Nannyinsure is Nannytax’s specialist public liability insurance policy for nannies and costs £70 per annum (Inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax (IPT).

Nannytax and Ofsted Registration

Nannytax can’t apply for a nanny’s Ofsted registration. It is the nanny who must complete the application for their Ofsted status. However, there are many nanny agencies that can support nannies with this process. Another great option would be to take advantage of an Ofsted package like the one provided by our trusted partner, Babyem.

Looking for more support with employing your nanny?

Employing a nanny can be daunting as you may not necessarily know all the nitty gritty legal parts of the process. That’s why it’s a full time job for us here at Nannytax! We can help make the process as smooth as possible when it comes to pay slips, tax, contracts and more. Speak to a member of our team today or alternatively get going and subscribe to our services now.

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