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Nannytax | 30 Years of Nannytax

30 years of Nannytax

Where we are now
Nannytax | 30 Years of Nannytax
Written by Kirsty Wild, Head of Sales and Marketing

1993 was the year that Stephen Vahrman, armed with his calculator & notepad, founded the UK’s very first nanny payroll service, Nannytax! Now an award-winning business based in Brighton, Nannytax employs over 50 experts and is the leading nanny payroll service provider in the UK. Who would have thought that 30 years on, Nannytax would be where it is now!

For me, it all started in 2006…

I joined Nannytax as a Subscriptions Administrator and I’m now the Head of Sales & Marketing. The most wonderful part of working for Nannytax is the people. We’ve had lots of family duos come into the business, mums & daughters, sisters, sisters & brothers – even now, we have brother and sister, Lewis and Fran, as part of the team.

At Nannytax, we always go beyond the ordinary. We strive for excellence in customer service, technology, and making sure the experience of our customers is the best it can be every single day.

“We endeavor to continue incorporating technology at the heart of our business to deliver the best possible service to the customer. Since joining Nannytax in 2015, I have seen the full digitisation of the business with barely a scrap of paper used in the office nowadays. This has been achieved in large part due to improvements in technology for both our staff and our customers, most notably with the Members Area launched in 2020.”

– Billy Gates, IT & Web Development Team Manager
Nannytax | 30 Years of Nannytax | Billy

It certainly helps that we have the most incredible Managing Director in our corner, Jenni Bond! Before Nannytax, Jenni worked for the Virgin Travel Group for over 20-years. When Jenni joined Nannytax she brought her knowledge and experience with her. 

“Working for Virgin taught me a great deal about how important it is to take care of your employees as this has a direct impact on how they take care of your customers. Every single member of our team strives to deliver a show stopping customer experience to be proud of. Whilst we always have a plan I am committed to ensuring we remain flexible to our customer and team’s ever changing needs.”

– Jenni Bond, Managing Director
Nannytax | 30 Years of Nannytax | Jenni

I’m proud to say that Nannytax is a very flexible and family-friendly place to work. Including myself, we have lots of mums and dads at Nannytax. The business offers us flexibility and hybrid working – which when you’re a parent, does make life that little bit easier, as I’m sure many of you will understand!

“Working at Enable as a parent has been a game-changer for me, allowing me to flourish both personally and professionally. Enable’s commitment to flexibility has created a positive and inclusive culture that has been immensely supportive of my role as a working Mum. I’ve had the privilege of being present for school drop-offs and pickups, and I’ve never had to miss out on any important events at my child’s school. This means the world to me, and I’m grateful to be part of a workplace that truly values this.”

– Laura Eason, Head Of Operations And Customer Service
Nannytax | 30 Years of Nannytax | Laura

Now, I can’t not mention Kirsty G, another Kirsty who has been here forever! Kirsty started back in 2004 in a general admin role. She then moved to Subscriptions, and eventually into payroll, being trained in house. Kirsty has now been the Quartz Payroll Manager for around 7 years (Quartz is our sister brand, providing payroll for small businesses) and is a much valued member of our team. 

“I joined the company on a short 3 month contract to help out, and 6 months later joined on a permanent part time basis, all thanks to my Mum who had worked at Nannytax for a few years. People come and go, some even come back, but all teams, in all departments, past and present, have always made being part of the Enable Team a good place to work.”

Kirsty G, Quartz Payroll Team Manager
Nannytax | 30 Years of Nannytax | Kirsty G

At Nannytax, it’s not uncommon for people to start in one role and move across to another. We’re an organisation who likes to promote within, giving our employees every chance to grow. Take Beth for example, you may have spoken to Beth over the phone. Beth’s role, up until recently, was Senior Sales and Subscriptions Coordinator…. But we recently had an opening for a Senior Customer Service Coordinator, and Beth stepped into the shoes alongside her Subscriptions role.

“I have been with the company for three and a half years, I joined the Sales and Subscriptions Team during the 2020 lockdown. Since then, I’ve been promoted to Senior Sales and Subscription Coordinator and recently, in November 2023, I was promoted again. I am currently in a dual senior role supporting the Subscriptions Team as well as the Customer Support Team. I really enjoy working at Nannytax, there is a great team working environment and I always feel supported and appreciated by colleagues and management.”

– Beth Cousins, Senior Subscriptions & Customer Service Coordinator
Nannytax | 30 Years of Nannytax | Beth

It’s a bit of a cliché, but Nannytax really is a business that wants what’s best for its people, and encouraging learning and providing experience is a big part of that.

Looking to the future… 

When marking a milestone birthday, it’s hard not to think about what’s next, and Nannytax has a lot of exciting things in its future! From improving our service for employers, to offering more support for nannies – we’ve got a lot going on behind the scenes. But more on that later…

Nannytax | 30 Years of Nannytax | Kirsty Wild

Kirsty Wild

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