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How to hire a Ski Nanny

ski nanny


Are you planning a family getaway this winter? A ski break with a nanny could be the perfect recipe for a fun, action-packed and stress-free family holiday. From pyjama parties to the piste, there are operators who also run a nanny childcare service to allow parents some free time, knowing that the kids are in safe hands.


What is a Ski Nanny?

A Ski Nanny or Chalet Nanny is responsible for taking children to and from ski classes/clubs and keeping them entertained for the duration of the day - allowing parents the freedom to explore the slopes and spend some quality ski time together. Ski nannies may also provide babysitting services in the evenings for some quality ‘apres-ski’ time.

How do I find a Ski Nanny?

VIP SKI is a boutique chalet brand operating in France and Austria. Their family skiing holidays are built with children in mind, equipped with a team of nannies at the ready with fun and innovative ideas to entertain youngsters. From sledging to snowballs, and husky dogs to hot chocolates.

How does VIP SKI’s Nanny Service work?

  • You will receive a ‘nanny profile’ before you travel so you know a little more about who will be looking after your children
  • A Sunday night welcome meeting with your nanny gives you the opportunity to ask any questions and discuss the plan for the week
  • Complete flexibility - you can change hours from day to day, no need to decide ahead of your holiday
  • Nannies can accompany younger children during ski school (subject to ski school consent)
  • Nannies can bring children up the mountain to meet you for lunch
  • Nannies can administer medication (with written permission)
  • Children can look forward to play dates with other children and nannies 
  • Nannies are more than happy to help with any holiday homework
  • Nannies have mobile phones so are fully contactable

What activities are there for the kids?

Outdoor ski activities:

Sledging and bum-boarding are perennially popular, while snow provides the best blank canvas for a bit of ‘snow painting’. Intrepid explorers can carve out a mountain adventure, searching for the elusive Yeti or Gruffalo by following the footprints that lead to . . . hot chocolate and marshmallows! The nannies also love to dress up – a fun activity that includes the children too! So don’t be surprised if you spot a few mysterious mountain creatures roaming around. For children aged over three years old, there’s treasure hunts in the snow as VIP SKI nannies make multi-coloured ice-cubes and hide them outside.

Indoor ski activities:

If it’s too cold to head outside, kids aged from as young as one can have a go at making their very own snow. With a bit of warm water and some soap flakes you can whisk up your own frothy snow, perfect for building indoor snowmen. A bit of glitter, food colouring or paint thrown into the mix adds that extra bit of sparkle!

vip ski nanny and children


For more information please visit:  https://www.vip-chalets.com/childcare

For specific enquiries please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Ski Nanny Jobs - Are you interested in working a season as a Ski Nanny? Submit a cover letter and CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be considered for a role.