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News and advice for the Nanny Industry


As part of our new Ask-the-Expert series, we invited childcare consultant and founding director of The Natalie Rose Nanny Agency, Natalie Rose, to write some expert tips to consider before you interview the perfect nanny for your family.


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It’s here! From 25 May 2018 the infamous General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) means that any individuals or organisations handling personal data must ensure they are taking significant steps to be compliant with the new legislation.


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This year, Nannytax celebrates 25 years of supporting families, nannies and nanny agencies in the UK. We’re proud to say there have been many accomplishments along the way. Take a look at some of our highlights from the past 25 years and be sure to check out our 25 Year infographic and interactive timeline.


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Payroll Plus, Pensions, Protection. Essential tools for any nanny employer.

When you employ a nanny in your home you get the ideal solution to your childcare needs, but you also become an employer, which entails a certain amount of administration and a number…

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It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for - we‘re delighted to announce the launch of this year’s Nannytax Nanny Salary Index 2017!  Unique to Nannytax since 1998, our Nannytax Nanny Salary Index (formally the Wages Survey) has helped shape the nanny industry over the past 25 years, tracking changes in nannies salaries across the UK.

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The Chancellor has now made his Autumn Budget and while the newspapers bemoan stagnant economic growth and hope for more affordable housing, we have to think calmly about how the announcements affect the nanny industry.

There are two aspects of the Budget that will affect nannies, nanny employers and nanny agencies.


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What are Benefits in Kind?

As a nanny employer, if you offer additional benefits or ‘perks’ for your nanny, you will need to report these to Nannytax so we can report them to HMRC. As part of your nanny’s total earnings as they will be taxable.

What is considered a Benefit in Kind?

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There are three main changes happening in the new Tax Year that will have an affect on nannies and employers. The Tax Free Allowance, National Insurance thresholds and Pension contributions . . .


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Nannying is one of the very few professions where salaries are still sometimes agreed in net. This is not advisable for a number of reasons but very often people do not understand the implications of a gross or net salary. In this blog we answer some crucial questions to clarify the issue and explain why salaries should always be agreed in gross.

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Tax-Free Childcare is a new government scheme to help working parents with the cost of childcare.

It is currently available to all parents with children aged under 9.

By the end of the finanical year, it should be available to all parents with children aged under 12, or under 17 for disabled children.

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This week the government announced their 'Good Work Plan' – the major reforms they are proposing to zero hours contracts. Read our 2 minute guide to the proposed changes here

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