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Nannytax Blog - News and advice for the Nanny Industry

News and advice for the Nanny Industry

 Boy Girl Laptop

 Here at Nannytax we often get asked ‘what are my legal duties as a nanny employer?’ To ensure you are fully aware of your responsibilities we have created a useful guide below.

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Taking a nanny on holiday can be a great idea for busy families in need of a helping hand but there are certain things that need to be laid out in advance.

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Can I afford a nanny

Hiring a nanny is a wonderful childcare option, the most flexible available and unique to your family’s routine and lifestyle. What can seem daunting is working out and tallying up the costs involved.

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self employed

Can a nanny be self-employed? We’re often asked this at Nannytax but the answer isn’t straightforward.

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nanny shares

Nannysharing can be a great childcare option for some families. Senior Payroller Trupti Patel explains how the arrangement works.

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When you think about the 90s it's likely you'll be picturing a trend, TV show or film that emerged in 1994.

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For our first 'Ask the Nannytax Expert' Q&A, we've called on our Payroll Team Manager Tiare to help answer all your questions about nanny maternity pay and leave.

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 When you become a nanny you begin a fantastic hands-on childcare role that helps shape children's learning and development.

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Most royal children have had a nanny, nursery governess or caregiver who's helped with their upbringing.

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Nannies have played an integral part in households for centuries but the history of nannying is somewhat blurred. 

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nanny and baby

The main role of a nanny is to provide a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment where children can thrive and develop.

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