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How much should you pay your nanny?

We’ve now launched the 2018/19 edition of our annual wages report, the Nannytax Nanny Salary Index.

This reveals the average gross salaries for Live-in and Live-out nannies across the UK.

Key findings

  • Live-out nannies in London earn an average gross wage of £13.35 per hour, an 8.1% increase from 2017. This is the highest paying region for live-out nannies across the country.
  • Live-out nannies working in the rest of the UK earn an average gross of £10.96 per hour, an increase of 8.4% from our 2017 report.
  • Live-in nannies, working outside of London, earn average gross figure £8.32, a 7.7% increase from 2017.
  • Outside of London, the South East of England is the highest paid area for Live-in nannies, who earn an average gross wage of £9.76 per hour.

Using our exclusive data, we’ve updated our renowned nanny salary map, as well as our 5-year comparison tracker.



Salary Trends

Our results point towards an overall increase in salaries for nannies across the country, with the average gross salary for Live-out nannies in London and the rest of the UK increasing by 8%. The average salary for Live-in nannies has increased by 9% in London and the rest of the UK has seen an 8% increase.



Nannytax found that 90% of nannies are required to be enrolled into a pension scheme. As part of this, employers are required to contribute 3% and the nanny must contribute 5% to their pension pot.

Nannytax clients and agency partners can access the full report by visiting the 2018/19 Nanny Salary Index located in the Members Area.