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We've created a quick diagram to explain what happens after you have subscribed to our service. There are couple of things that you need to do before we can start processing your payroll, so please ensure you give yourself enough time to complete the steps.

1. Day 1

Subscribe to Nannytax.

We will send you a welcome email including how to complete employment contract questionnaire.

2. Week 1

You complete the instructions in the welcome email.

Please send the relevant forms back to us, don't forget to contact us if you need any help.

3. Week 1

Enter your employee's details on the Members Area.

Once we have this information, we can send off for your PAYE scheme.

4. Week 3

Log into the Memebers Area, view your payslips and pay your employee.

We will send you an email when your payslips are ready to view.

5. Quarterly

Pay HMRC following our instructions.

We will send you an invoice informing you of the amount due to HMRC every quarter.


Please see the most common queries we receive regarding what happens after you subscribe

What is in my Welcome email?
  • Your payroll number.
  • Members Area log in details.
  • A link to our HR portal and a form and for you to complete so that we can create your bespoke contract.
  • 2 forms for us to send to HMRC.
  • Instructions on how to enter your nanny’s details.
  • A money laundering form for you to complete.
What shall I do with my nanny’s P45 from her previous job?
  • Please send us parts 2 and 3 incomplete and we will fill this in for you.
  • Your employee keeps part 1 for themselves.
  • If you employee doesn’t have a P45 please let us know and we can send you a starter checklist/P46.
How long will it take to get my first payslips?
  • We aim to get your first payslips to you 3 weeks after you subscribe, at the latest, as we have to wait to receive your PAYE scheme from HMRC; this can take up to 15 working days.
  • However, when you receive your first payslip also depends on how quickly you complete the instructions on the welcome email.
  • We can’t begin to process any of your payslips if you have not completed the instructions.
How do I pay my nanny?
  • Nannytax advises that you agree a gross salary with your nanny, but you pay your nanny the net wage written on the payslip.
  • How and when you pay your nanny is your responsibility. We do not make any payments to your nanny unless you have subscribed to our premium service, Nannytax Payroll Plus.
How can my employee view their payslips?
  • You can allow your employee to view their payslips online in their own nanny log in area through your Members Area.
  • You can check the payslips first and then release them to the members area in bulk or individually.
My question isn't answered?

Contact us if you have any queries regarding your Nannytax set up. You can call us, email us, or chat online with us.