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Welcome to your Nanny FAQ Guide

Read on to find the answers to your questions around payroll, the Furlough Scheme and discover other fantastic resources offering guidance and legal advice related to your profession.

Getting in touch with Nannytax

I have a question about my payslips, how can I get in touch?

We are governed by HMRC and therefore we are not legally able to liaise with employees around matters related to the PAYE account which includes payslips and other legal documents such as P45s.

If you are a Nannytax nanny, you can pass any of your payroll/ pay slip related queries or concerns on to your employer. If they cannot answer your query, they can contact us directly.

I have a question about my legal rights/ I am in a dispute with my nanny employer, can you help me?

If you are concerned about a situation relating to your legal rights or are involved in a dispute with your employer, we advise referring to your contract of employment and finding the relevant clause. This way you will have a better understanding of where you stand in the situation.

We also suggest that you reach out to ACAS. ACAS is a trusted independent organisation who specialise in legal employment advice. They will be able to help you understand your rights and the best steps to take based on your circumstances.

We also recommend our trusted partner BAPN (British Association for Professional Nannies) who provide various advice, mentorship and employment representation to their members. Sign up or find out more about BAPN membership benefits here.

I have a question about your nanny insurance policy, who should I contact?

If you are interested in Nannyinsure, our Ofsted-compliant Public Liability Insurance for nannies then please email the insurance team on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and they will be happy to assist you.

Find out more about Nannyinsure.

General nanny employment questions

Can you help me work out my holiday entitlement?

To work out your holiday allowance, we recommend that you use HMRC’s holiday entitlement calculator here.

I am working more than one job, how do I split my tax-free allowance between my employers?

An employee can choose to split their tax-free allowance between jobs, in whichever way they wish.

A standard tax-free allowance is £12500 which means employees can earn £12500 per year before paying tax. Any earnings over this threshold are taxed at 20%.

It is beneficial for both you and your employer to allocate more of your tax-free allowance to whichever employment you are earning more in.

If you are in a nanny share arrangement and you are on payroll with Nannytax for both your employers, you can ask that your employers request a Tax Code Request Split Form from us. You can also read more about nanny shares here.

Can you help me work out how much redundancy pay my employers owe me?

To work out how much redundancy pay you may be entitled to, we recommend that you use HMRC’s redundancy pay calculator here.

I have received an underpayment letter from HMRC, can Nannytax help?

If you are a Nannytax nanny, we would request that you send us a copy of the underpayment letter. This way our payroll team can investigate whether the underpayment is related to anything that Nannytax can help rectify. For example, we can check if the figures on the letter correspond with what has been submitted to HMRC.

I have a question about my tax code, can you help?

If you have recently changed jobs you may be put on an emergency tax code. HMRC will correct this automatically after you’ve given your employer details of your previous income or pension.

If have any other concerns or believe you’re tax code might be wrong, you can use the online check your Income Tax service to tell HMRC about a change in your circumstances.

You can find more information on tax code changes in HMRC’s guidance laid out here.

Nanny Furlough and General Covid-19 Queries

Is it safe for nannies to return to work?

The Government have previously clarified that paid for childcare including nannies are able to work whilst adhering to the current guidelines and measures around Covid-19.

The current Government guidance around carrying out work safely in other people’s home can be found here. A full pdf document on this can be downloaded here.

Some key points from this to consider:

  • Increasing the frequency of handwashing and surface cleaning
  • Cleaning regularly touched objects and surfaces using your regular cleaning products.
  • Asking that households leave all internal doors open to minimise contact with door handles.
  • Identifying busy areas across the household where people travel to, from or through, for example, stairs and corridors, and minimising movement within these areas.
  • Bringing your own food and drink to households and having breaks outside where possible.

You can also read about how to stay safe outside of the household in 7. Annex A: Staying safe outside your home here.

Is it safe for nannies to travel to work under the current circumstances?

The Government’s guidance on travelling safely to work can be found here.

Some key points from this are as follows:

  • Considering all other forms of transport, such as cycling and walking, before using public transport
  • Avoiding the busiest times and routes
  • Keeping your distance when you travel, where possible
  • Washing or sanitising your hands regularly

Following the tightening of restrictions, some nannies have been stopped and questioned when travelling to their place of work. To give you a little reassurance, our Nannytax HR advisors have assembled a Nanny Key Worker letter template for you and your employer to make use of.

Download Nanny Key Worker Letter Template.

Can nannies take holiday whilst on furlough?

Yes, nannies can take holiday whilst they are on furlough. Plus, a nanny’s holiday will accrue as normal whilst on furlough. If you do take holiday, your employer must pay your usual 100% salary rate as opposed to the 80% furlough wage.

Can my nanny employer tell me when to take holiday?

A nanny employer can allocate the holiday if there is a clause in the contract allowing them to do so, or if they provide double the amount of notice as holiday taken. For example, if the employer wants to allocate 3 days they must give 6 days’ notice.

Can I come back to work on reduced hours if I am on furlough?

As of 1st July 2020, employers are able to bring previously furloughed employees back to work part-time. Your employer must gain your consent on returning to work part-time in writing – our HR team can provide them with a template for this. The Flexible Furlough Scheme states that employers are responsible for paying the employee for the hours they work but can still claim through the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme for any usual hours not worked.

More information from the Government on flexible furloughing can be found here.

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