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How to Become Ofsted Nanny

How to become an Ofsted-Registered Nanny

Become Ofsted Registered Nanny

Becoming an Ofsted-registered nanny has many benefits for both you and your employer. In this blog we’ll explain the process of becoming an Ofsted-registered nanny.

What do I need to have before I apply to become an Ofsted-registered nanny?

You’ll need a few things before you can apply to be Ofsted-registered. These include:

How do I get an enhanced DBS check?

You can apply for an enhanced DBS check through the Government’s online Ofsted DBS application form. It’s essential that you have an enhanced DBS check before you apply to be Ofsted-registered as it checks your criminal record to ensure the safety of the children you’ll work with. Once complete, you’ll receive a certificate in around 6 weeks that you can use to register with Ofsted, and also show to employers.

DBS checks cost around £52.50. If you sign up to the DBS update service, it’ll cost £13 per year. For more information about DBS checks, read this handy guide from Online DBS.

How do I apply to be an Ofsted-registered nanny?

Registering with Ofsted currently costs £103, which will need to be paid again annually. You can apply online to be Ofsted-registered. You’ll need to register for a Government Gateway ID if you don’t already have one.

You’ll need to fill out a CR1 application form as a Home Childcarer, and provide various details about your job, your DBS check, and your appropriate qualifications that make you suitable to be an Ofsted-registered nanny.

Once you’ve filled out the application, you’ll need to wait for Ofsted to carry out various checks. This should take a few weeks, but it can take up to 12. They may ask for proof of your DBS check, First Aid training, or other qualifications.

 If you are successful, you’ll receive your printed certificate in the post. Once you receive this, you’ll be officially Ofsted-registered!

Do I need to insure myself as a nanny?

In order to be Ofsted-registered, you need to have Public Liability Insurance. We at Nannytax offer this insurance through Nannyinsure, and you can apply for a policy here.

How does being Ofsted-registered benefit me?

Being an Ofsted-registered nanny increases your professional status – it may lead to more job opportunities.

How does being Ofsted-registered benefit my employer?

Your employer benefits from you being Ofsted-registered because they may be able to get some financial assistance with their childcare costs. Through the Tax-Free Childcare Scheme, they can save up to £2000 per child per year.

Who should pay for my Ofsted registration?

Quite often, employers cover the cost of DBS checks, Ofsted registration, and Public Liability Insurance, as it benefits them financially to have an Ofsted-registered nanny. However, Ofsted-registered nannies are generally perceived as more employable, so you may want to get it for yourself.

If your employer does decide to cover the costs, it will need to be declared as a Benefit in Kind.

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