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Back To School Checklist 2023 | Nannytax

Back to School Checklist

Back To School Checklist 2022 | Nannytax

As the summer holidays draw to a close, Nanny Fizz shares 7 ways to prepare with her Back to School Checklist!


It’s good to talk about school, what it will be like and if there have been any changes. Having 6+ weeks off school for summer is fun but can make the first day back seem a bit daunting. Talk to your child and allow them to voice their concerns about going back to school so you can address any worries they may have.


Practice peeling fruit, putting a straw into a carton, changing for P.E, fastening shoes and zipping coats. It’s so important that your child can be independent, as there will be a full class of children who may also need help too!


If you haven’t already, it might be nice to make a play date with some school friends, prior to starting the new term. This can be useful for children moving to a new school.


Label all your child’s items! Uniform, P.E kit, coats, wellies, lunch boxes, plimsoles, back packs. There’s nothing worse than losing the brand new jumper or only coming home with one sports shoe, so make sure everything is labelled to avoid the stress!

New Uniform

Check the old uniform, see if it has a little more life in and if not, replace it! This also goes for shoes, you could allow your child to choose their own shoes (from a selection you have already picked!). If you have a child who likes to have clips and bows in their hair, go to somewhere like Claire’s and pick up some school coloured accessories.

School Bag

Getting a new school bag and lunch box can be very exciting! Take a trip to town and get a nice shiny new backpack to fill with all your essentials and a lunch box for a tasty snack or lunch!

Sleep Routine

We all know how fun it is to have a late night here and there, but it’s important to get back to a routine in time for the first day back. Have earlier nights and earlier wake ups a few days before school to get the children’s body clock accustomed to the change.

Employing a nanny for Back to School?

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