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3 Handprint Cards Perfect for Mother’s Day

Handmade handprint cards make for a delightful little gift for children to give their mummies on Mother’s Day.

Our wonderful Nannytax Nanny Ambassador Felicity Miles (aka Nanny Fizz) has shared her Mother’s day card ideas, just in time for Mother’s Day!

For step-by-step instructions on how to help the children create these touching designs, you can download our free activity packs from Nannypax.

1. Bee – Hap-bee Mother’s Day!

This handprint card is bee-utiful! Easy and simple enough for a last-minute card!

Bee Handprint Card | Mothers Day | Nannypax | Nannytax

2. Butterfly – A Beautiful Butterfly!

Get creative with this handprint butterfly – perfect for little insect lovers.

Butterfly Handprint Card | Mothers Day | Nannypax | Nannytax

3. Flowers – Blooming lovely!

A unique and pretty handprint card idea for the Mum’s that love flowers.

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Bee, Butterfly and Flower card designs and images by Felicity Hinchliffe.

Follow her on Instagram @nannyfizz!