Gross to Net for Nannies
The Net is the nanny's take home pay. Calculations are rounded to the nearest pound and apply to nannies with a single job on a standard tax code (1100L) during tax year 2015-16, and are for guideline purposes only. Not for use in Employment Contracts.
Gross wage to the nearest £10:
This Gross Wage is paid:
Nanny's Net Wage
Nanny Public Liability Insurance for just £70 per year.

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Advice & Support for Nannies

Nannying, as we all know, is a profession like any other — and it's important to always remember that nannies are entitled to the same employment rights as any other type of employee. In the eyes of HMRC nannies cannot generally be considered self-employed (read more about self-employment here); this means that the family, or families, the nanny works for must pay Tax and National Insurance on the nanny's behalf, provide payslips whenever the nanny is paid and adhere to the aspects of employment law.

This section has been created with the nanny in mind. We want to help your working relationships to be long lasting and happy and to make sure you are confident about the 'business' side of your vocation. We aim to offer advice and clarification on often confusing issues, provide direction on services you may need such as Public Liability Insurance or training and offer general guidance, on things like Ofsted Registration. We hope you find it useful.



Looking for work?

Let us help you! Nannytax will pass your details on to three nanny agencies that are local to you to help you in your job search.

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Need help with Ofsted?

We've got loads of handy hints about Ofsted registration to help you get started.

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Nannytax are proud to work with Babyem, who provide expert nanny training courses online and in person

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