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Salaries are an extremely important part of the employment process, so please use our calculator using your net salary to find out the gross, total cost, and pension contribution.


The Nannytax Salary Calculator

(2020-21 Tax Year)

**Please note these calculations are for guidance purposes only and should not be used to pay your employee**

If you want to double check your calculation you can always contact us, we're more than happy to help.

The calculations explained

  • Net pay is the nanny's take home pay.
  • Gross pay, which includes the Employee's National Insurance and Tax contribution. The figure can be used for employment contract purposes.
  • Total Cost, which includes Employers National Insurance and the nanny's gross Pay. This figure allows families to budget correctly for their nanny.
  • Pension Contributions should your employee be eligible for a workplace pension (Automatic Enrolment). The calculator is set at the current statutory minimum.