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Nannytax is proud to support Tinies Childcare’s Inspiring a Future in Childcare Campaign which aims to bring awareness to the opportunities that exist within the childcare sector.

The Childcare Recruitment Crisis

With the childcare industry facing a recruitment crisis, Tinies Childcare have dedicated their time to raise awareness of the opportunities in the early years sector, hoping to attract more people into the industry.

Franchise Manager, Beverly Munden, says “The childcare industry is facing a crisis in recruitment. There are thousands of jobs out there, but not enough childcarers to fill those positions. We want to inspire young people to get them thinking about working with children, and how rewarding that choice of career can be. One way we are going to do this is by actively engaging with students in schools about a childcare career.”

Get Involved

The Campaign is looking for volunteers to take part in careers events and occupational health talks up and down the country – particularly aimed at children in years 8 and 9 before they choose their final qualification.

Here's how you can get involved:

  • Visit the Inspiring A Future in Childcare Campaign pages for information and guidance
  • How nannies can support the campaign here
  • Sign-up to Education and Employers Inspiring The Future platform to volunteer in a school in your local community.
  • If you are unable to volunteer you may wish to share your personal story about what you enjoy about your role and what motivated you to become a nanny so that your words might inspire others to become a nanny.
  • Please encourage teachers from schools and colleges, who may not already be signed up to Inspiring The Future to register. The platform connects teachers with volunteers from a huge range of jobs, across the UK from different sectors and we need to them to start including Early Years professionals in their Careers Events.
  • For those in the Early Years Industry consider offering work experience opportunities for young people.