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Employment Allowance Letter from David Cameron

It has come to our attention that our clients may have received a letter from David Cameron, regarding the new Employment Allowance which could take £2,000 off employer National Insurance Contributions (NICs).

We would like to clarify and emphasise that this only applies to commercial businesses and registered charities. The letter from David Cameron appears to be a 'blanket' letter sent from Downing Street to ALL types of employers, without differentiation. However, we can confirm that employers of a domestic nature (including nannies, domestic staff, PAs and caregivers) unfortunately cannot take advantage of the new Employment Allowance.

We will continue to keep you informed of any legislation changes that may affect you.


We'd like to know how you feel about the Employment Allowance and how it does not apply to domestic employers. Please click here to fill out our short survey about the Employment Allowance


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