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Nannytax nanny, West Sussex

Nannyinsure provides public liability insurance for your nanny, which protects your nanny should anything happen to the children while they are in the nanny’s care. Nanny public liability insurance is also a requirement for Ofsted and nanny employers can claim financial help if their nanny is Ofsted registered.



  • Costs £70 including Insurance Premium Tax.
  • A £5M Limit of Indemnity.
  • £50k Personal Accident cover.
  • Nanny duties are covered for trips outside of the UK when travelling with at least one parent for business or pleasure purposes. *
  • If the nanny is travelling with the family outside of the UK, nanny duties are covered for 90 days in any one period of insurance. *
  • Administration of Drugs and Medicines. *

*Conditions apply.

Download our policy summary

Apply for a policy

Nannies will need to apply and complete the application form themselves as it will ask for details pertaining to them. If an employer is buying the insurance for their nanny, it may be a good idea to complete the form together, so payment details can be provided at the end.

Apply online here

Or call us on 020 3137 4410 to apply over the phone.

When the employer buys the policy

Often the nanny employer will offer to pay for the insurance for the nanny. Employers must remember that regardless of who pays, it is the nanny's insurance and if they leave, the policy will go with them. It is not transferable to another nanny. Additionally, only the nanny can cancel their policy.

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Ofsted Requirements

Nanny Public Liability Insurance is a requirement for Ofsted. See what else is part of the criteria here.

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