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What is Nanny Insurance and Why do I need it?

What is Nanny Insurance for?

We often get questions about nanny insurance… it can be confusing when technical language and policy wording is used without context or further explanation. Ever heard the terms ‘public liability cover’ and ‘level of indemnity’ and thought, ‘what does that actually mean?’ Don’t worry, we’re here to clear it all up!

Nanny Public Liability insurance (PLI) provides financial protection in the event of an incident occurring whilst a nanny is carrying out their professional duties. For example, if a child has an accident or causes damage to third party property whilst under a nanny’s sole care, the nanny could be considered negligent and end up paying for any injuries sustained and/or damages, if a claim was held against them.

With a Nanny Public Liability Insurance policy like Nannyinsure, a nanny will have cover up to £5million for compensation claimants’ costs and expenses if the unforeseen were to happen. This £5million may be referred to as a ‘level of indemnity’ which means the highest amount that the policy will pay out against a claim.

It’s also important to remember that having nanny insurance is not just anticipating an accident – there are other ways it can enhance your professionalism and help you in your career.

Parenting expert and former award winning professional nanny Fi Star-Stone shares her top three reasons for having Nanny Public Liability insurance:

1. Nanny Public Liability insurance is important personal protection

“Being a professional Nanny is a wonderful, exciting and rewarding job, but it is a job that comes with a huge responsibility. It’s a Nanny’s duty to ensure a child in their care is safe at all times but, as a professional working with children for over 25 years, I know that accidents can, and do happen.

Children are energetic and inquisitive, which at times can lead to accidents, and if those accidents happen whilst the children are in your care, you could be held liable and face legal costs. Having the right cover in place will protect you, your reputation and your career.

As a professional nanny you might work alone but as a Nannyinsure policy holder you will have the comfort of knowing that you have the support of an insurance policy specially designed for Professional Nannies, so they will be there to support you should you ever need it.” Policy limitations and exclusions apply. For more information you can view further information on the policy here and download all the policy documents here.

2. Nanny Public Liability insurance enhances your professional status

“Although Nannies don’t have to be registered with Ofsted, many are choosing to register to enhance their professional profile. To be Ofsted registered Nannies need to have Public Liability Insurance.

Being Ofsted registered is not only brilliant for your profession and career, it is also appealing to potential employers – as it means eligible parents can benefit from government support schemes such as Tax-free Childcare.”

3. Nanny Public Liability insurance encourages positive working relationships

“Holding an insurance policy can give a great first impression to your employers, as it shows you take your career seriously and have taken care in putting some form of legal protection in place.

This not only shows you are professional in your role, but also provides assurance to your employer, showing them that you take your responsibilities seriously.

Nobody wants to think of the unthinkable, but for parents, knowing a nanny has the right protection in place if they needed to make a claim, is reassuring.”

Nannies – do you have your personal protection?

Don’t delay, apply for insurance only takes a few minutes. Get covered with Nannyinsure today!

Nannyinsure | Nannytax

Nannyinsure is a specialist Public Liability insurance policy recognised by Ofsted, designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of professional nannies. Brought to you by Nannytax, this annual policy includes up to £5,000,000 Public Liability Insurance and up to £50,000 Personal Accident cover at no additional cost. Nannyinsure fulfills Ofsted’s PLI application criteria and includes up to 90 days cover per trip abroad if you travel with your employer or accompany them on holiday as part of your duties.

Policy limitations and exclusions apply. For more information you can view further information on the policy here and download all the policy documents here.

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