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Top 4 Kids Museums in London | Nannytax

Top 4 kids museums in London

Taking children to museums is a great way to teach them about the world and how it changes. There are plenty of free museums in London that are perfect for kids and if you’re looking for some children’s indoor activities in London, museums are a great place to start! 

Check out Nannytax’s top 4 best museums in London for kids, each offering a unique experience for your little ones!

Science Museum


South Kensington


The Science Museum is the ideal place for inquisitive children, offering a range of interactive games, simulators, and exhibits. The Wonderlab will let them put their scientist hats on and get their imaginations flowing. The Garden will fuel their inquisitive minds, encouraging them to learn about water, lights, sound, and construction. And for those daredevils in your care, Typhoon Force will get the adrenaline pumping – this flight simulator will let you and the kids experience what it’s like to fly an RAF Typhoon jet! And just in case you need anything more to do, the Science Museum Imax Cinema is the size of four double-decker buses!

The Natural History Museum


South Kensington  (psst… The Science Museum & The Natural History Museum are right next to each other – why not make this the best children’s day out in London by visiting both on the same day?)


The Natural History Museum gives kids the opportunity to discover creatures they’ve never heard of, get up close & personal with nature, and see that dinosaur they’ve been raving about for months (looking at you, Dippy the Dinosaur!) The Natural History Museum is one of the best free museums in London for kids because of the vast amount of free things to do within the museum. You can see Andy’s clock from the CBeebies show Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures, you can stomp like a dinosaur and learn all about when different dinosaurs lived, and you can come face-to-face with a giant and learn all about one of the largest creatures to ever walk the Earth!

And at Christmas, the natural history museum ice rink comes out to play!

The National Army Museum




The National Army Museum in London has an exciting immersive experience they call the ‘Play Base’, which is perfect for children under 8 in London. They can have a go at the assault course, command an army vehicle, feed the troops in the camp kitchen & mess hall, get themselves kitted out in the quartermaster store, and build camps, dens, and shelters to ready themselves for survival in the wild!

The London Transport Museum


Covent Garden


Wondering where to take a 5 year old in London? The London Transport Museum has you covered! The museum runs special events and sessions for families with children under 5 that explore the world of London’s transport through dancing, singing, play, and stories! And for more casual museum visits, the London Transport Museum children’s activities are filled to the brim in their ‘All Aboard playzone’ for under 7s, giving kids the chance to drive a real bus, dress up in uniforms, and repair a mini tube train!

These kids museums in London all provide great activities for nannies to do with their charges, or for families to do all together!

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