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Nanny CV

How to write a brilliant Nanny CV

Includes Free Nanny CV Example!

Struggling to write your nanny CV? We’re here to help! A CV is effectively an employer’s first impression of you and we’ll show you how to make it a brilliant one. We also have a free download of a Nanny CV example for you at the end.

10 Nanny CV Tips to get you started:

1. Keep your CV 1-2 Pages

2. Research the job role

“A sole-charge, nanny /house-keeper, live-in role with travel is very different to a part-time, live-out, shared-care role. Cater your CV towards the age of children you are hoping to work with.”

– Michelle Cusack, Nanny of the Year 2019

3. Include a Personal Summary

“I like to add a little paragraph about myself, including things like hobbies and general life experiences, this gives the employer an idea of what you are like as a person.”

– Felicity Hinchliffe, Norland Nanny

4. Your Education and Certification

As a professional childcare provider, its’ vital to demonstrate you have the appropriate training and certification in place such as DBS Checks and childcare safety training e.g CPR and First Aid. For education, list the education provider such as school/college/university, the dates studied and what qualifications you completed with grades.

5. Childcare Experience and Employment History

6. Mention your achievements

8. What makes you tick?

“While some parents would love you to be outside with the children everyday and expose them to managed risks (i.e. climbing trees, picking berries, skateboarding) others would not; just as some nannies would love these activities and others would not. Try to demonstrate what type of nanny you are.”

– Michelle Cusack, Nanny of the Year 2019

9. Be 100% Honest

Be truthful with yourself about what type of job you are looking for and your capabilities. Your claims will need to be backed up with certificates, references and examples that you can mention if you secure an interview. It’s also common for jobs to have a trial period to test out your skills.

10. Your References

“I’ve always included 2 references at the bottom, with the parents name, number and email address – with their permission. This saves time and shows the family you’re interviewing for that you’re happy for them to contact your reference at their own convenience.”

– Felicity Hinchliffe, Norland Nanny

Free Nanny CV Example – PDF Download

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