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After School Nanny London

How to Find an After school nanny

After School Nanny London

The back to school season is upon us and this September is likely to be a more daunting one for all. Aside from the usual change of classes and setting, the added disruption of school closures and virtual learning arrangements has meant children must re-adjust to a ‘new normal’ again. Plus, many parents and carers who have taken on the role of home school teacher over the past months are going back to work. Could an After School nanny be the new childcare solution for your family?

What is an After School Nanny?

An after school nanny provides one to one childcare during the period of time between school finishing and the parents arriving home from work. 

What are the duties of an After School Nanny?

In general a nanny’s job will vary due to the nature of this flexible and personalised childcare that is tailored to suit an individual family’s requirements. However generally after school nannies will carry out the following duties that revolve around the children’s post-school routine.

  • After school pick up
  • Transporting children to and from play dates/ after school clubs
  • Homework and school projects support
  • Snacks and dinner preparation
  • Bed time preparation
  • Light house-keeping duties
What are the benefits of an After School Nanny?

An After school nanny is a more accessible form of personalised childcare for parents who don’t necessarily work a regular 9-5 and need more flexibility but also do not require a full time nanny.

Nannytax’s top benefits of employing an After School Nanny are listed below:

  • Children have a professional one to one child carer to fit their needs.
  • Children have full flexibility to attend after school clubs.
  • Parents can commit to their own work schedule and have more flexibility knowing the children are in safe hands with a professional child care provider (whilst sticking to the hours laid out in the contract of employment and paying over time where due).
  • Parents have more quality time to spend with their children in the evenings as After School nannies will often have things organised for the next school morning e.g packed lunches.
How can I find an After School Nanny near me?

If you are looking for an After School Nanny in London we recommend our trusted partner After School Nannies who have been delivering after school childcare in London since 2003.

Alternatively there are many nanny agencies, recruitment sites and nanny matching services that can help you find an after school nanny near you. Try our nanny agency directory where you can search via region.

How much does it cost to hire an After School Nanny?

You can now find the average Gross salary for part time nannies in your region using our 19/20 Nanny Salary Index. These figures are based on a 25 hour working week and so are likely to be a great guide for parents looking to employ an After School Nanny. We found that on average a part time Live-out Nanny in London such as a London After School Nanny earns an average gross wage of £13.35 per hour which equates to £17,359 gross per year if they were to work 25 hours per week.

What to consider when hiring an After School Nanny

If you choose to hire an After School nanny you will become an employer and must fulfil the necessary legal requirements laid out by the Government. We recommend you check out our Nanny Employer checklist below.

Nannytax and After School Nannies

As well as managing your HMRC responsibilities and providing payslips we can provide you with a bespoke After School Nanny contract and give you access to a team of HR experts if you ever require any legal advice. Plus we offer additional services to ensure pensions and insurance are covered too.

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