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Temporary Nanny Job

How to Employ a Temporary Nanny

A 7 Step Guide to hiring a Temp Nanny

Temporary Nanny Job

Are you considering hiring a temporary nanny? Hiring a nanny means you become an employer and that comes with various employment and tax legislation to consider. Don’t worry, all the legal and payroll stuff is a full-time job for us here at Nannytax so we can give you plenty of help.

How to employ a Temporary Nanny in 7 Steps:

1. Find a Nanny

Many agencies can help you find local temporary nannies who suit your requirements. We recommend using our Nanny Agency Directory where you can search for nanny recruitment agencies in your region.

Founder and Director of Harmony at Home Frankie Gray says, “Here at Harmony at Home it’s not just about the recruitment of the job, it’s about making sure that there is real compatibility between the family and nanny – personalities must fit! Because of Covid-19, most temporary nannies we are placing are live-in, and many parents are working from home, and so everybody is under the same roof. Right now, my top tip for those hiring a temporary nanny would be to approach a reputable agency who will do all the checks that you are not necessarily going to know are best practice if you are a first-time employer. A highly regarded agency will also know what to do to safeguard your family’s, child’s, and employee’s wellbeing, and will be able to match the qualities of employer and employee; ensuring you have the best possible start to the employment relationship.”

2. Agree a Salary with your Nanny

Once you have found your nanny, you will need to agree the salary. At Nannytax, we strongly recommend you agree a Gross salary. This amount will account for any tax and NI you have to pay to HMRC on top of the nanny’s ‘take home’ pay (also known as Net pay). To help you out further we release an annual Nanny Salary Index covering nanny wages across the UK. We report on UK Nanny salaries in London boroughs, the midlands and beyond to help give parents an up-to-date nanny salary guide relevant to their area.

3. How to Pay your Temporary Nanny

Nannytax can do this for you!

If you were to pay your nanny cash, a multitude of problems can arise at any time. HMRC have been known to hand out hefty fines to those caught paying their nannies under the books. By law, nanny employers must register with HMRC and set up a PAYE Scheme. When you sign up with Nannytax this is the first step we take for you. Your Nanny PAYE Scheme enables you to pay the tax and NI on your nanny’s earnings. At Nannytax we display the tax and NI due on each payslip that you will pay to HMRC and then the remaining net pay to pay to your nanny. Or with our Nannytax Plus Service, we can pay the tax and NI to HMRC on your behalf and the net salary to your nanny.

4. The Contract of Employment

Nannytax can do this for you!

Employers must now provide their employees with a contract of employment on or before their first day at work. The nanny’s contract will outline details of the employment such as the nanny’s duties, salary, holiday allowance and notice periods. When you join Nannytax, we provide you with a free bespoke contract of employment based on your requirements plus an accompanying handbook for you and your nanny to read through.

5. Consider Statutory Rights: Holiday Pay, Sick Pay and Maternity Pay

Nannytax can do this for you!

Your nanny’s statutory rights include holiday pay, sick pay and maternity pay. Our payrollers are able to calculate these for your nanny’s payslips when required. All you have to do is send us the dates applicable. For sick pay, you must pay your nanny from their fourth consecutive day of sickness.  For temporary nannies maternity pay will rarely be practiced but this can be reclaimed from the Government and we provide end to end support with this process.

6. Pensions: Does your Nanny Qualify?

Nannytax can do this for you!

If your nanny qualifies for a workplace pension (at least 22 years old/ earns above £10,000 per annum), you must set up a Pension Scheme and submit a declaration of compliance to the Pensions Regulator. There are some additional on-going duties when it comes to the auto enrolment duties involved. Don’t worry, our subscriptions team will advise whether you require this and if so, our pensions team can manage all of this for you with our add-on Auto Enrolment service.

7. Employers Liability Insurance

Nannytax can do this for you!

By law, all UK employers must have a suitable Employer Liability Insurance to provide cover against employee(s) claims. We have a specialist Nanny Employers Liability Insurance Enable Insurance designed with insurance experts Fish Insurance to meet the specific requirements of those who employ a child carer in the home. You can add this to your Nannytax subscription once you sign up to our services.

Employing a Temporary Nanny?

To help support parents who require temporary nannies, we are now offering short payroll subscriptions for 3 months and 6 months from £99 (Inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax (IPT). Please call our friendly subscription team on 020 3137 4401 for more information.

Our payroll service includes weekly/ monthly payslips, a free contract of employment and unlimited HR support. You’ll also have exclusive membership discounts such as Emergency Childcare and an Employer Members Area and Nanny Members Area to easily access payslips and documents at your convenience.

Enable Limited is an Appointed Representative of Fish Administration Limited and authorised by them to sell liability insurance for nannies and their employers. Fish are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Firm Reference Number is 310172. Fish Administration Limited is registered in England and Wales. Company Registration Number 4214119. Registered Office: Rossington’s Business Park, West Carr Road, Retford, Nottinghamshire, DN22 7SW.