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5 myths about nannies

The term ‘nanny’ may have only been coined in 1785, but the nanny profession is much older than that! Over the years, people have developed preconceived ideas about who nannies are and what they do. We’re taking a look at 5 common myths about nannies and setting the record straight!

1. Men can’t be nannies 

“I’m a male nanny – my gender doesn’t make me any less good at my job”

Ike Robin

When you hear the term ‘male nanny’, you probably think of when Ross and Rachel hire a male nanny in Friends, referred to as their ‘manny.’ More and more men are choosing nanny careers, challenging common gender stereotypes around what it means to be a nanny – and they’re becoming a popular choice for some families too! Male nannies can not only act as a male role model in a home without one, but they can help teach your children that any gender can do any job!

Our Nanny Ambassadors, Ike and Max, are two men fighting these gender stereotypes. Ike is a Norland nanny graduate, and Max has over 10 years of experience in the childcare sector. You can find them on Instagram @the_manny_life_of_ike and @themannymax.

2. Nannies are for the rich and famous 

Hollywood has painted a picture of nannies as an expensive luxury and it’s often believed that only the very wealthy can afford to have a nanny in their home. However, due to the bespoke nature of the nanny profession, they are more accessible than you may think.

There are a range of different types of nannies: ad-hoc nannies, part-time, nanny shares, live-in, live-out, and so on. 

There are ways you can save money if you choose to hire a nanny, you can read about this here.

3. Nannies are glorified babysitters 

There are big differences between a nanny and a babysitter. Nannies are professionals who give ongoing child care to families, whereas a babysitter provides a more casual form of childcare. 

Nannies usually have childcare qualifications (such as degrees from Norland College), nanny training, unique skills and will become a valuable part of your family!

4. Children cared for by nannies don’t get to socialise 

When people talk about the cons of hiring a nanny, what often comes up is that your child will be deprived of social opportunities. This simply is not the case. A good nanny will provide opportunities for socialising and usually have links within the local community and other nanny friends to arrange playdates and social opportunities with!

5. Nannying isn’t a real job 

A final misconception about nannies is that they play all day and don’t work hard. This is very far from the truth. Although nannies do get to have a bit of fun by doing activities with their charges, what you don’t see are the hours of planning and preparation that go into these activities, the dedication to keeping the child safe, and the commitment they give to the children they look after.

Nannies spend years building their experiences and gaining qualifications, just like any other working professional! 

Are you looking to find a nanny? We can help. Here at Nannytax, we work with hundreds of specialist nanny agencies that will help you to find your perfect candidate. Simply complete this short form and one of our trusted, local nanny agencies will be in touch!

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