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Key Qualities Nanny

5 Key Qualities of Every Great Nanny

Key Qualities of Every Great Nanny

What key qualities make a nanny great at their job? A nanny is an in-home childcare provider who’s role is to provide a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment where children can thrive and develop . Therefore, a nanny must have a strong mix of qualities they can apply in their everyday work.

Here’s our top 5 qualities of every great nanny:

1. Proactive

A great nanny will not simply rely on a to-do list from their employers but will go out of their way to make the employer’s life easier. Nannies need to be able to cope with unexpected situations, remain calm under pressure and know when and how to take action. Many nannies are involved in key learning curves in a child’s growth – perhaps it’s potty-training a toddler. Another great example of a proactive nanny is a willingness to take on extra childcare qualifications that support them in their role. Discover our Top 4 Nanny Training Courses.

2. Kind

Nannies must have a caring, compassionate nature and a level of emotional intelligence enabling them to provide emotional support when it’s needed. Nannies should be able to pick up on any negative changes in a child’s behaviour and encourage a conversation to establish why this is – perhaps they are upset about something that happened at school or they are missing a parent who is away. Providing a nurturing environment for children and encouraging them to discuss any problems is vital for their mental well-being.

3. Responsible

A nanny is a very personal form of childcare, so nannies must be extremely responsible individuals their employers can trust. Nannies should strive to build close and trusting relationships with their employer and here a constant flow of communication is key. To ensure the children have structure and continuity, nannies should discuss a general daily routine with the parents from the offset and confirm the way certain things are carried out such as discipline or household rules. As well as running in sync with the parenting methods, nannies should remain highly-organised and always have the essentials at their disposal.

4. Enthusiastic

A nanny should love their job! As well as keeping to the hours agreed in their contract and always turning up on time, a nanny should develop a fantastic relationship with the children as well as the parents – and not be itching to rush out the door as soon as mum or dad’s home from work! Having a positive attitude towards the job will be impressionable on the kids and encourage smiles and happy vibes all round.

5. Fun

Saving some energy for fun activities as well as being funny and silly (in moderation!) is likely to be what the kids will appreciate most. Nannies should plan a mixture of creative and educational activities, whether it’s games, crafts or special days out (see our Top four pumpkin patches near London blog post!). A stimulating environment for children will help them thrive and ensure their minds are constantly developing.

Do you know a nanny who ticks all 5 boxes? You can put them forward for Nanny of the Year â€“ a new category at Nursery World Awards 2019! 

Entry Deadline: 27th May 2019

Awards Ceremony: 28th September 2019

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