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All workers earning money for doing a job, full time, part time, temporary or on a casual basis have a legal obligation to pay Tax and National Insurance to the state.

Legal Obligations

  • All employees in the UK are obligated to contribute financially to the state through Pay as You Earn (PAYE).
  • Employers, including those of nannies, are required by law to make the deductions from the employee on the state's behalf and pay it HMRC.
  • Not to do so is considered 'PAYE fraud' and can be considered as a criminal offense.
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If the nanny's income is not declared

It is considered a criminal offence to not pay the correct amount of Tax and National Insurance. If caught, both your employer and you could face a series of penalties. These may include:

  • Repayments of any unpaid Tax and NI to HMRC including interest
  • Potential fines for lack of payments and lack of RTI information
  • Criminal investigation with a risk of prosecution and imprisonment

Nannytax can help

We recommend that you declare your nanny's income to HMRC as soon as possible. Nannytax can help you with all of this.

  • If you are behind with your tax payments we can put your affairs in order and bring you up to date, however far in arrears you are.
  • We can deal with HMRC on your behalf, leaving you completely hassle-free.
  • We can organise your Tax and National Insurance payments for past months and years.
  • We can also back-date payslips for you for previous months and years.

Call us for a 'no obligation' discussion about your requirements on 020 3137 4401, or click here to subscribe to our service.

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