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The government have in place different types of financial support if you have children, here's a quick guide to them.

Child Benefit

Who is entitled?

  • You can get Child Benefit if you’re responsible for a child under 16.

If you or your partner's income is over £50K, you may have to pay a tax charge. If you choose not to get Child Benefit payments, but you should still fill in the claim form because:

  • it will help you towards your State Pension
  • it will ensure your child is registered to get a National Insurance number
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How much is Child Benefit?

  • Eldest or only child is £20.70/week
  • Additional Children is £13.70/week

How to claim Child Benefit?

Fill in a Child Benefit claim form CH2 and send it to the Child Benefit Office (address below) with your child’s original birth/adoption certificate.

Child Benefit Office (GB)


Newcastle upon Tyne

NE88 1ZD

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Working Tax Credit/Child Tax Credit/Universal Credit

Who can claim?

  • You may be able to claim for additional financial support through the Universal Credit/Tax Credits system if you are on a low income or out of work.
  • How much you will get depends on your circumstances, including your income and how many children you have.

What is the difference between Universal Credit & Tax Credits?

  • Universal credit will replace Working Tax Credit and Child Tax credit eventually.
  • You can not claim tax credits and Universal Credit at the same time.
  • At the moment, Universal credit is available in certain areas of the UK only. Click here to find out the areas
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Are you in a Universal credit area?

I am in a Universal Credit Area

If you do live in a universal credit area you can check here whether you are eligible to receive Universal Credit.

I am not in a Universal Credit area

If you do not live in a Universal credit area then you can apply for Working Tax Credit and Child Tax Benefit. Click here to get an estimate of how much you could.


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