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One of the most important blocks for building a good working relationship with the family you work for is the Employment Contract. This is a legally binding document that obliges both the employer and employee to keep to the terms outlined in it.

What should be included in a contract of employment?

A nanny Contract of Employment should contain the Terms and Conditions of employment, including:

  • Start date
  • Hours of work
  • Starting salary (we advise agreeing salaries in gross and using this figure in the contract.)
  • Holiday Entitlement and other leave (i.e. sick pay & leave, maternity pay & leave, compassionate leave)
  • A description of the nanny’s duties
  • Probationary and notice period
  • Grievance and disciplinary procedures
  • Details of any training the employee must undertake (including any training not paid for by the employer)
  • Details of any additional benefits offered by the employer
  • Any other paid leave

You may also wish to consider covering issues such as Privacy/Confidentiality, Relocation and Redundancy for example.

Nannytax HR can provide a bespoke contract for all employers who subscribe to The Nannytax Payroll Service.

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  • All employees, nannies included, are entitled to receive a contract, or at the very least, a statement of employment terms.
  • A contract should be provided by the first day of the employees start date.

Your employer is responsible for providing you with a contract but if time is passing, especially if you have already begun working and you have not yet been given one, you are within your rights to ask for it.

Employment disputes and issues

At Nannytax we will do everything we can to help you and your employer maintain a healthy, happy working relationship — but sadly disputes do arise.

If an issue is becoming apparent, your first port of call should be your Employment Contract. Check the relevant clause, if there is one, so you have a better understanding of where you stand, before seeking further advice.

If or when you do seek advice, the contract will, most likely, be the first thing you are asked about.

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