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A nanny is someone you are going to welcome into your home and entrust with your child. It is important for you and your family to find the perfect match for you. Below are some ways to find your nanny.

Nanny Agencies

Best for those with limited time and a reasonable but strict budget.

  • Agencies will assess your requirements and provide you with a selection of candidates for you to choose from.
  • Agency fees will vary. We recommend that you check what is included in the fee when you sign up, and find out what happens with the fee if the selected nanny doesn't work out.
  • Some agencies also offer a nanny vetting service for you, if you have hired somebody yourself but just want help with this part of the process.
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Online Recruitment

Best for those who have a limited budget and/or have the time to manage the recruitment process.

  • Online recruitment sites provide a proximity search that lists nannies near you.
  • You'll have to register with the website, which usually incurs a cost, before you can contact the candidates to arrange interviews.
  • Some can provide additional services to help check your nanny’s credentials.

Nannytax recommends www.care.com or www.childcare.co.uk.

Doing it yourself

Best for those who either have little budget for 'finder's fees', or have the time, and wish to have the control over the recruitment process.

  • If you are going to find your nanny this way we advise thoroughly researching to ensure you understand the legalities of hiring a nanny.
  • Placing an advert online will usually produce a lot of candidates so you will need to spend a considerable amount of time sifting through their CVs.
  • It's incredibly important to gather and vet your candidates references thoroughly.
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