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Top 4 Parenting Podcasts for Working Mums

podcasts for mums

Podcasts are a great form of escapism and taking a break from the news is vital. Listen along to other working mums who are navigating the daily challenges of bringing up children whilst managing a full time career.

Happy Mum, Happy Baby Podcast

Happy Mum Happy Baby Podcast

The Host: Giovanna Fletcher, author of best-selling book of the same title, continues the conversation on all things motherhood.

Gi carries frank and warm conversations on the highs and lows of motherhood whilst encouraging that simply ‘doing the best you can’ is enough. Each week, the mother of three talks about what it is to be a mother today with familiar special guests including the likes of The Duchess of Cambridge, Katherine Jenkins, Emma Willis and Nadiya Hussain. Happy Mum Happy Baby dubs itself as essential listening for any mum seeking solidarity and support.

Listen along on Acast here or download on Apple Podcasts here.

The Parent Hood Podcast

The ParentHood Podcast

The Hosts: The brainchild of The Bump Class founders, Marina Fogle and Dr Chiara Hunt turn their years of experience advising pregnant women into a podcast that tackles all aspects of parenthood.

The Parent Hood covers a range of topics that parents are curious about – from how to look after your children’s dental health, how and when to talk about sex with your children to how to build resilience in a generation that are branded snowflakes. Mariana and Dr Chiara Hunt discover expert answers to the questions that parents are really asking – a world away from Google!

Listen along on Acast here or download on Apple Podcasts here.

Leaders with Babies Podcast

The Leaders with Babies Podcast

The Hosts: The people behind Leaders Plus, a social enterprise which supports leaders with babies and young children.

Leaders with Babies takes on topics concerning parents who are ambitious about their career but don’t want to miss out on their young family. CEO and Founder Verena Hefti interviews leaders from all walks of life who candidly share their own challenges and discuss the solutions that have helped them achieve that healthy work/ family life balance we all reach for.

Listen along on Spotify here or download on Apple Podcasts here.

Wisdom for Working Mums Podcast

 Wisdom for Working Mums Podcast Show

The Host: Executive Coach Nicky Lowe created Wisdom for Working Mums to use as a platform for achievement-orientated mums to share and discuss their motherhood journeys.

Whether it’s ‘Freeing Yourself From Mother’s Guilt’, ‘Reconnecting with your Female Energy and Power’ or ‘Do Less - The Revolutionary Approach to Time and Energy Management’, Widom for Working Mum's Nikki takes on topics designed to support women in combining their family, work and life in a more successful and sustainable way.

Listen along on Spotify here or download on Apple Podcasts here.

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