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Your security matters

We’re bringing a new Two-Factor Authentication to your member’s area soon. Your personal data is our priority and this additional security measure will offer peace of mind.

Nanny Employer Members Area
What is Two-Factor Authentication?

It is a more robust way of authenticating that the user logging in is who they say they are. To validate this we are ensuring you pass 2 factors (checks): something you know like your password, and something you have e.g. your mobile phone.

Why are you adding this?

To provide customers with more security on their Members Area accounts we’re implementing 2FA (2-factor authentication).

What do I need to do?

For now, we need you to log in to your account to check we have the correct mobile number for you, you can find your details under the settings icon and Manage Account in the top right corner.

How will it work?

You’ll log in as normal using your email address and your password. If you’ve correctly entered your password, we’ll text you a 6-digit code you’ll be prompted to enter on the Member Area login screen. Once that has been confirmed, you’ll be logged in.

When will this come into effect?

Soon! We’ll confirm to you via email when this change is live and if there is anything else you need to do.