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Nannytax not only provides a payroll and HR service, nanny employers can take advantage of our additional services: payroll plus, pension, and protection (insurance).

The Nannytax Payroll Service

We take care of all your HMRC responsibilities

Our Nannytax subscription includes payroll, HR support and a bespoke employment contract. We have no hidden fees and deal with all the correspondence from HMRC on your behalf. All you have to do is pay your employee and pay HMRC when we let you know.

Nannytax Payroll Plus

Our Premium Service will pay both HMRC and your nanny on your behalf

Nannytax Payroll Plus is our premium service for parents who want an end-to-end payroll service with minimal involvement on their part. With Nannytax Payroll Plus you get everything included with our normal subscription and the added benefit that we will make the payments to your nanny and HMRC on your behalf.

Workplace Pensions (Automatic Enrolment)

Our fully managed pension service

All employers in the UK have to provide a pension for their employees, if at least one of their employes qualifys. Nannytax provides a fully managed workplace pension service for you and your nanny and will manage all the contributions on your behalf, keeping you compliant with the law and The Pensions Regulator.

Employers Liability Insurance

A legal requirement for all nanny employers

All employers must have employer’s liability insurance. Nannytax works with Enable Insurance Services who can provide a policy which includes employer’s liability and public liability insurance specifically designed for nanny employers.

Nanny Public Liability Insurance

A requirement for Ofsted Registered nannies

Nannyinsure provides public liability insurance for your nanny, which protects your nanny should anything happen to the children while they are in the nanny’s care. Nanny public liability insurance is also a requirement for Ofsted and nanny employers can claim financial help if their nanny is Ofsted registered.


Nannytax Payroll Service

Have a look at our all-inclusive Payroll Service to see how we can help you with hiring a nanny.


Salary Calculator

Work out a net to gross salary and your total cost of employing a nanny using our helpful salary calculator.


Gross vs Net

Find out more here about the advantages of agreeing a gross salary rather than a net salary.