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How to find an emergency nanny at short notice

emergency childcare


 No matter how organised you are, it is likely that at some point you will face a childcare dilemma. When your nanny is unexpectedly absent, whether it is due to sickness or another life event, many working parents think that their only option is to stay at home. However, emergency nannies are available for those last-minute situations when you might otherwise be stuck asking for a day’s unpaid leave at very short notice.


What are emergency nannies?

Emergency nannies are qualified nannies who are available to temporarily care for your child in short-notice situations. They may not carry out all of the responsibilities that your full-time nanny will – they are there primarily to provide quality backup care for your child, allowing you peace-of-mind and to continue as normal in an otherwise very stressful situation.

My Family Care have over 2,000 nannies available as backup care, sourced in collaboration with the UK’s leading nanny agencies. They are regulated in accordance with strict quality standards, including being fully referenced, DBS checked (or PVG checked in Scotland), and First Aid Certified, to ensure that all-important peace-of-mind.


How can I find an emergency nanny?

It is now easier than ever before to call upon backup care. Through My Family Care, a qualified, vetted emergency nanny can be booked quickly and easily online, over the phone, or via the BUC Booker app. Once you enter your requirements, a suitable nanny from a leading agency will be sourced for you as quickly as possible. Nannies are available for same-day booking, and in most cases they can be at your door within two hours. To make the process as simple as possible, payroll is taken care of for you, so there’s no need to worry about tax or National Insurance for your temporary nanny. This emergency childcare service can be paid for yearly or monthly, or you can simply pay-as-you-go.

Using an emergency nanny service, it’s simple to find backup care for when you’re hit with a complication. Working parents have more options than ever before, helping you to provide the care that is best for your child without unwillingly missing a day of productivity – and with over 73,355 parents registered with My Family Care for emergency childcare (as of October 2018), it seems the seamless nature of this option is a popular choice.


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