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Nannytax was the first to market for nanny payroll

Nannytax was the first to market for nanny payroll; born out of a desire to create a complete payroll service specially designed for nanny employers. Over the past 25 years we have proudly helped thousands of families and nannies nationwide, as well as advocating better practises within the nanny industry.

We now offer a unique end-to-end payroll service with downloadable payslips, an online Members Area and unlimited HR support.

First to offer insurance and a specialist Nannyshares team 

At the start of 2000, we developed a range of innovative additional services and a specialist nannyshares team. Today, our additional services include Payroll Plus, Enable Auto Enrol (our fully managed pension service) and Employers Liability Insurance. We even offer Nannyinsure, our specialist Public Liability Insurance for nannies, as required for Ofsted Registration. Learn about Ofsted Registration and find more useful information for nannies here.

Lobbied the government to include nannies in the Childcare Approval Scheme

In 2004 we lobbied the government with a petition to Downing Street, urging them to extend all types of financial childcare support to include nannies. The petition lead to the introduction of the Childcare Approval Scheme (CAS ) in April 2005.

In this year, Helen Harvey, our previous payroll manager also appeared on BBC News 24, to speak about the administrative burden for families opening Tax credits. Helping families that employ nannies has always been of great importance to us and in 2017, we advised thousands of families on the Tax-Free Childcare scheme as part of the TFC advisory forum, and continue to do so into 2018.

First to create an online Members Area for employers and employees to view payslips

2009 was the launch of our online Members Area giving families & nannies more control accessing payslips, P60’s and other important employment documents.

We also published our annual ‘Wages Survey’, unique to Nannytax since 1998. Our wages survey has helped shape the nanny industry over the past 25 years, tracking changes in nannies salaries across the UK.

Our most memorable moment from 2009 has to be our charity ‘Midnight Walk’, raising over £800 for the Martlets Charity by walking 13 miles in darkness!

Added value to the nanny agency service industry with Agency+

Here at Nannytax, we support hundreds of Nanny Agencies nationwide. In 2014 we set up Agency +, a service to support and promote our partner agencies. Agency+ includes all the great benefits of our free service for nanny agencies, plus support from HR professionals, new business referrals and agency promotion. Families and nannies can also take advantage of our online Agency Directory and fill out our free Find a Nanny or Find a Job with Nannytax form.

Launched an enhanced HR service to include bespoke contracts

We kicked off 2017 by setting up Nannytax HR in partnership with Ward Williams, our new, enchanced HR service. Nannytax HR offers unlimited HR support to employers at no cost as well as bespoke Contracts of Employment. October saw the launch of the new user friendly Nannytax website, including a mobile friendly version, to make it even easier for employers and nannies to access payslips.

A celebration of 25 years

Over the past 25 years we have provided extensive free support and advice to families, nannies and nanny agencies; 2018 will be no different, with some exciting offerings for clients, nannies and partners. Follow our Nannytax Facebook Page and Nannytax Blog to find out how we will help shape the nanny industry in 2018 and beyond.