We care about the nanny industry

We care that nanny employers not only have the best possible payroll service but also have someone speaking up on their behalf. We are currently petitioning Downing Street to extend the £2k Employment Allowance to include nanny and domestic employers. You can join the campaign by signing the petition online.

We care that nannies have the support and access to employment information and the services they need. Although we represent the employer we are happy to offer advice to nannies about various employment issues to help them understand what they are entitled to and where they stand.

We care that nanny agencies have solid support so they can also provide the service nanny employers require. Through our Agency Advice Line we can give employment advice as well as guideline salary figures and clarification on many concerns their clients may have.

We innovate

We lead the market by introducing new ideas to the nanny employment industry, broadening our services and introducing innovations to help and support nanny employers, nannies and nanny agencies. We keep a keen eye on the industry, legislation and trends and work to identify solutions to requirements that may not even be widely realised yet.

We are customer led

Everything we do is with the customer in mind, from the way we answer questions and offer advice, to working with HMRC on new systems to make sure they will work best for our customers. Our team is made up of dedicated, skilled people; ranging from experienced payroll specialists managing all complex tax administration, to development managers who identify and implement new services, to software developers who build our online systems, all to make nanny employment as easy as possible.

We support

Our continued aim is to always support the family and their nanny through the entire employment process. Our advisors are on hand to discuss any concerns or requirements not only through payroll administration but through our Employment Law Support. We believe in providing as much as we can to encourage a happy working relationship between employer and nanny.



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