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The 2016 Annual Wages Survey results are shown below. Please scroll down to see the Key findings, UK Salary Map and a 10 year look at how nanny wages have changed.


Key Findings

The 2016 Annual Wages survey revealed intresting changes happening within the nanny industry. Live in nannies wages went up in central London and saw a 14.57% increase across the rest of the UK. However, overall live out nannies on average have a higher wage, the average in Greater London being a weekly net of £516 per week.


Wages survey infograpic lighter colour


UK Salary Map

Here is the average salary of a nanny working inthe UK broken down by region. Interestingly, the average for a live out nanny around the UK (exluding London, Greater London and Home counties) is between £9.49 - £10.94 gross per hour. For a live in nanny the figure ranges from £8.15 - £10.41 gross per hour.

2016 payscales map updated



Nanny Salary Figures

During 2016, the average live in nanny salary significantly increased in Central London and throughout the rest of the UK. Live in nannies overall received a higher wage when compared to 2015, apart from Central London which dropped significantly.

2016 UK Nanny figures tables


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