New Survey Paints Portrait of the Nanny Industry

News release: Sunday, January 8, 2012

A new survey has revealed that today’s nannies are expected to be multi-skilled with the ability to teach their charges a range of activities such as painting, arts & craft, academic subjects and even sport. 

The survey was carried out by Nannytax, the UK’s leading payroll provider for nanny employers, and is one of the most comprehensive surveys of the UK nanny industry to date. The findings include information about nannies' hours and salaries, the households in which they work, the recruitment process and the qualifications and skills required. 

One of the most significant themes to emerge from the survey of 1244 nanny employers and 95 nanny agencies was the rise of the “value added” nanny.  Over 75% of parents want a nanny who offers skills in addition to traditional childcare.  Most in demand is the ability to teach creative skills such as painting, arts and crafts.  Other popular skills include fluency in a second language and being able to coach in academic subjects.  

Nannytax has been conducting an annual survey for over 10 years to establish average salaries, hours and job specifications for nannies working in the UK.  Live-out nannies working in Central London earned an average of £34,516 in 2011, considerably more than those working outside London and the Home Counties who averaged £25,877.  

The nanny post most in demand in 2011 was the part-time nanny who doesn’t live with his/her employer, a very different proposition from the stereotype “Mary Poppins” nanny who lives in and is on call 24 hours a day. Only 7.8% of the households surveyed employed a full-time live-in nanny compared with 57% of households who employ a part-time live-out nanny.  Therefore today’s nannies are required to be flexible in their working arrangements, perhaps providing services for two or more families in order to fill up their working week.

Tracey Kneale from Nannytax, said: “The 2011 Nannytax Wages Survey shows that the UK nanny industry continues to develop and thus ensures that it keeps up with the needs of modern households.  Not so long ago, nannies were seen as exclusively for the rich but they are becoming an increasingly accessible childcare solution for more and more working families.  This is largely due to nannies being willing to work flexible and part-time hours and to offer nannyshare arrangements, where a nanny looks after children from two or more families.”

Findings from the 2011 Nannytax Wages Survey include:

About the households
- 70% of households who employ a nanny are in London and the Home Counties
- 84% of households have 2 or more earners

About the nannies
- The majority of nannies are UK nationals (67.5%)
- East European nannies are the second most prevalent nationality (12.5%)
- Average salaries vary from £34,516 (full-time live-out nanny in Central London) to £21,291 (full-time live-in, outside of London and the Home Counties)
- The majority (57%) of nannies are part-time live-out. They work between 16 and 30 hours a week for one employer. Many of them may have another job.
- According to the agencies, part-time nannies and after school nannies are the most in demand
- 2.4% (23 respondents) employ or have employed a male nanny
- Agencies receive most requests (60%)for male nannies from single female parents

- Nanny agencies are the most popular source (44%) for finding a nanny
- 20% of employers found their nanny on the internet
- The decision to offer the job to a particular candidate lies principally with the mother (54%) or is a joint decision (42%). 
- Fathers almost never make the decision alone (0.7%) and nanny agencies never deal with the father, although some deal with a PA
- Only 10% of parents do not take their children’s views into consideration
- 40% of parents would not employ a nanny if the children did not want him/her
- Experience, personality and gut instinct are parents’ top criteria for employing – well above qualifications
- Age and attractiveness are the least important criteria


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Notes to Editor:

About Nannytax
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