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"I have been completely satisfied with the service provided by Nannytax, you have given me great peace of mind."
Mr and Mrs T S - Aylesbury

Nannytax - for you and your clients

Nannytax is the original UK payroll service specifically designed for employers of nannies. Most nanny agencies throughout Britain are now offering the Nannytax service to their clients, by offering them a copy of our clear, informative brochure.

In return for an annual subscription, our clients get a complete service which ranges from advice on setting up a PAYE scheme and notifying employers of quarterly tax and NI payments, to providing weekly or monthly payslips and issuing P45's and P46's every time a nanny joins or leaves their employment. Underpinning our service are the full tax records that we keep on every subscriber's behalf.

We recognise that the professional arrangements of domestic employers can change at short notice. Our Flexible Guarantee assures that our subscribers will be refunded the unexpired portion of their subscription if they cease to employ a nanny. In addition, if there is a gap of more than a month between employing two nannies, we will extend the period covered by the subscription accordingly.

Sorting out their nanny's statutory contributions has proved in the past to be a considerable headache to many employers. Those not already put off by packs of tax tables and official forms still find it a time-consuming exercise, especially in the case of busy professional families.

Therefore, Nannytax has been greeted with considerable enthusiasm, initially from first-time employers and American and other non-UK employers working in the UK. The latter are, of course, even more unfamiliar with the UK tax system than their British counterparts! They have now been joined increasingly by experienced employers, who are expressing appreciation of the time and effort saved by using our efficient yet inexpensive service.

As well as handling all payroll arrangements on behalf of our subscribers, we have gained a reputation for giving clear, helpful advice to new employers on their PAYE responsibilities, and answering queries in a straightforward, jargon-free manner. Our subscribers value the reassurance that comes from being able to communicate directly with us whenever any issue arises concerning their nanny's salary arrangements.

Our Commission Scheme for participating nanny agencies enables us to cover some of your agency costs in making our brochure available to your clients. It also enables us to provide your agency with feedback as to which of your clients have subscribed to Nannytax.

But the real value that we are adding to your agency is not just in commission but through allowing you to offer a more comprehensive service to your own clients. By supplying Nannytax you will be providing a complete package that will answer many of your client's questions, which will reflect well upon your agency. Nannytax is also the UK's leading payroll service for domestic employers, which is supported by the IPPM who voted our Head of Payroll, Helen Harvey, Manager of the year 2004. This reputation has been achieved by working closely with HMRC and DfES not only to provide a dependable and efficient service for our clients but to seek out new developments in payroll and legislation in order to improve the system for domestic employers.

As part of our service, all participating agencies receive free, up-to-date laminated tax tables, showing an employer's total costs for every level of net or gross wage that is paid weekly or monthly. This enables you to give the relevant information on total employment costs to your clients at a glance. In addition, we are happy to give advice to nanny agencies on pay-related questions, such as paying tax in nannyshares. With this free back-up, you are better informed when dealing with your clients. As you know, the sector of domestic employment is a dynamic industry that is continually evolving. We seek to keep you abreast of any changes by sending a copy of the Nannytax e-bulletin direct to your email account on a regular basis.

In our experience, the agencies who are having most success in introducing their clients to Nannytax are those who are regularly mailing out our brochure to all of their clients as a standard part of their own agency information package. Although we know that only one in every so many of their clients will actually subscribe to Nannytax, we are happy to supply our literature on this basis, in whatever quantities required, since it also serves to make our service more widely known.

Making our brochure available can also help agencies to advise and educate clients on their responsibilities as domestic employers in a well-presented and straightforward way. Even if a client decides not to use Nannytax, at least they are more aware of what they should be doing as an employer of a nanny.

If you would like more information about becoming a participating agency, or if you wish to clarify any issues about the Nannytax service first, then please call us on 0203 137 4402 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

We look forward to hearing from you.