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"I have been consistently impressed by the efficiency of your service and the cheerful courtesy and prompt help that I have received when phoning for help and advice. It has made my life - and that of my nanny - easier."
Mrs L B - Tunbridge Wells

Nannytax for parents

Becoming a nanny employerWhen you employ a nanny in the UK you not only have to find the best carer for your children, you also become an employer, and as such you take on a host of responsibilities. For instance, you have to draw up an employment contract with your nanny within eight weeks of her starting date and you must also give your nanny a payslip every time she gets paid.

Becoming a nanny employer

It is a legal responsibility that you have employer’s liability insurance, and you must also make sure that you pay your nanny at least the national minimum wage or above.

In addition you must understand of the basics of employment law, because it’s surprisingly easy to make mistakes when you're juggling issues such as holiday entitlement, statutory sick pay, benefits in kind, statutory maternity pay and redundancy pay.

Nannytax is more than just nanny payroll - we can take care of all of this for you.

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