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"During the time I have subscribed to Nannytax I have been extremely happy with it. I truly think that the typical free-time-starved dual income couple with children and a nanny have to be crazy not to use your services."
Mr M T - Twickenham

We lead the market but follow the customer

In these straitened economic times we all look for ways to save money. Nannytax is the UK's most popular domestic payroll provider, and the services we provide extends well beyond payroll. Here are some of the other things we can offer to your clients:
  • Nannytax was the very first domestic payroll service.
  • Lots of competitors come and go, especially in the current economic climate. Nannytax has been established for 20 years, we have the experience and understanding required to handle even the most complex queries. We represent over 10,000 clients.
  • We have a comprehensive website with up-to-date information on all pay and employment related issues. Our clients can subscribe and renew their subscriptions directly online.
  • Nannytax clients can download their nanny’s payslips online and access their account easily and efficiently using our online member’s area. They can also update their record and submit changes to their or their nanny’s details.
  • Nannytax has a unique and very strong relationship with HMRC and we have a dedicated tax office that deals with all our clients – ensuring consistency and accuracy.
  • Our friendly and dedicated payroll team provide unlimited support and advice on all payroll related issues.
  • More and more parents share a nanny to look after their children. Since we act for more nannyshares than any of our competitors we have a dedicated team specialising in shares.
  • Our legal support helpline is superior to our competitor’s. They provide telephone and email support and can also help draft letters. For a small additional fee they can also meet the client in person to sort out matters directly.
  • Our service is all-inclusive – many of our competitors charge extra for contracts, weekly payslips, P45s and employment law support. Many of our competitors are increasing prices with the changeover to RTI reporting, and some may even charge a cancellation fee.
  • Clients can suspend their subscription and reactivate it later at no extra cost.
  • We offer public liability insurance for nannies - Nannyinsure
  • Our Payroll Director (Helen Harvey) is a leading contributor to the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professional’s (CIPP's) thinking and policy, specifically on small employer issue.
  • Our Payroll Director is also a member of the ECF (Employment Consultation Forum) and is the only representative of domestic employers.
  • Our Payroll Director was awarded the Bureau Employee of the Year at the 2009 PAY Awards and was announced as the Manager of the Year at the IPP Awards Ceremony in 200.
  • We take an active role in the industry through lobbying. Nannytax went to Number 10 Downing St in 2004 to present a petition, which resulted in the Childcare Approval Scheme being extended to include nannies.
  • We are frequently consulted and quoted in both trade publications and the national press on domestic payroll issue.
  • We regularly write articles (e.g. the annual wages survey for Nursery World) on domestic payroll issues.
  • E-filing – Nannytax was the first payroll company to file PAYE returns electronically and we helped trial the system with HMRC.