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As an employer you have a legal duty to take out employer's liability insurance, but you should also consider nanny public liability insurance and motor insurance too.

Employer's Liability Insurance

As you act in the capacity of employer, you have a duty to take out Employers Liability Insurance and provide a safe workplace for your employee.

Should they have an accident in your home whilst working, there may be a claim brought by them for reimbursement of costs and compensation. Employers Liability would pay for the damages awarded and associated costs.

Should this insurance not be in force, the employee could pursue a claim against you, holding you responsible for the accident. This could result in you paying substantial amounts from your own wealth and may affect the relationship you have with them.

The most convenient way to obtain this cover would be to speak with your household insurers. Their policy may automatically include this cover or they may be able to extend it at your request.

Motor Insurance

Domestic employees, especially nannies, often have access to the family vehicle whilst undertaking their duties, therefore it is worth ensuring you have the correct motor insurance in place.

Most domestic insurance policies cover you, and named drivers, for social, domestic and pleasure purposes only. It would be prudent to find out whether your motor insurer includes nanny activities within this definition.


For your peace of mind as an employer and parent you should also ensure that your nanny has public liability insurance.

Nannyinsure is a complete insurance product created specifically for nannies, and some of its features are:

  1. £3m Limit of Indemnity as standard, with the option to increase to £5m for a small additional premium
  2. EU wide cover as standard
  3. Nanny duties whilst outside the EU for up to 90 days, for both business and leisure purposes of the parent/guardian
  4. Extended cover when the child is left with another person

The Nannyinsure policy provides both you and your nanny with peace of mind that should she be held liable for an accident, protection is in force.  Also if you want to employ an Ofsted registered nanny she is required to have public liability insurance.

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