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Holidays are an important time for children but to get the very best from them parents may want the extra support of a nanny.

A holiday nanny can provide an easy and flexible childcare option if parents are working. If the whole family is on holiday a nanny can facilitate downtime for the parents, allowing them to enjoy their holiday too!

If you don’t employ a regular nanny you can hire one just for your holiday. The good news is you can hire a nanny for as short or long a time as you require.

So, if you decide to take your holiday nanny abroad, there are a few things that you will need to take into consideration:

Time off for the nanny

Yes, this is your holiday, not the nanny’s, and although the sun may be shining and you may be in an exotic location the nanny is working. Therefore you still need to agree reasonable time off for the nanny, even if they are only working with you for a short time.

Sleeping arrangements

We believe the majority of nannies would appreciate their own room as everyone needs some level of quiet time and privacy. This will be difficult for the nanny to achieve if she has to share sleeping quarters with the children. However, if you’re joining another family on holiday and both are bringing a nanny, then it’s not unreasonable to ask the nannies to share a room. Plus, in this situation, the nannies may not be opposed to having the company of someone else who is also there to work. Another option is offering to pay the nanny a slightly increased salary if they are happy to share a room with the children.


As an employer you will need to have Employers Liability Insurance (ELI) as a legal requirement; we also recommend that your nanny should take out Public Liability Insurance – see The Nannyinsure policy provides cover abroad for up to six months and 90 days of this can be outside of the EU.


If you have a regular nanny you may wish to consider giving her a holiday bonus for coming with you. If you are hiring a nanny especially for the holiday there are a number of pitfalls to beware of when paying a nanny. We recommend you always agree a gross wage with your nanny so that you have a better idea of what your outgoings will be. As well as the take-home pay your nanny receives, a gross wage includes her national insurance and tax. There may also be additional costs which will be incorporated in a gross wage - for example if the nanny has a student loan. You are legally obliged to give your nanny regular payslips showing these details. Nannytax can do all this for you as well as offering a free nanny contract, which you are legally obliged to have, and free access to legal employment advice, just in case.

Getting the best holiday nanny

From an agency point of view, it is vital to ask the right questions in order to establish a family’s exact requirements.

Eden Nannies & Maternity place on average 50-60 holiday nannies per year and every holiday and every family is different! So, here are some questions they will ask:

1. Where is the position based (if multiple locations, how long will be spent in each location)?
2. What is the accommodation - a hotel, villa or resort?
3. What staff will be taken, or will be provided by the resort (some have private chefs, housekeepers, etc)?
4. Is there a pool, and are the children confident swimmers?
5. Will the children be swimming in the sea as well as the pool? (this will impact on the nanny as she must be confident swimming in the sea)
6. Will pets be taken, and does the job include any pet care?
7. Will the nanny be required to drive? If yes, can she borrow the car on her day off?
8. What are the working days and hours?
9. Will the nanny be given petty cash to take the children on activities and outings?
10. Will the nanny fly with the family to the holiday destination, or meet the family there?
11. What nursery duties are expected?
12. What accommodation is provided for the nanny? If sharing a room with the children, where will the children/nanny stay on the nanny’s day/times off?
13. Are there any allergies or medical conditions the nanny needs to be aware of?

What will it cost?

On average, a holiday nanny will charge a family £80-100 per day if they have their own bedroom and are not expected to get up with the children throughout the night.

If the nanny is expected to look after the children during the night, then the rate will increase to between £130-150 for a 24 hour period (often depending on the age of the child/ren being cared for).

Other costs associated with taking a nanny on holiday with you that will need to be considered are:

travel expenses
food and drink

As an agency, Eden Nannies & Maternity charge £100 + VAT per week booked for their Temporary Overseas fees. (Eden Nannies & Maternity 0844 4097321).

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