About the Wages Survey

In October every year Nannytax conducts its annual nanny wages survey, which runs for approximately six weeks closing in early December. We ask questions to those most involved in the nanny industry on average nanny salaries along with questions on changing trends within the industry as a whole. The data is complied and analysed in January, for publication in February. At the beginning of 2014, we published the survey results in an annual report format for this first time and this has been extremely well received.

Read the 2013 Annual Nannytax Wages Survey Report here.

Survey History

When the first survey was launched several years ago, we only asked nanny agencies for the salary information of the nannies on their books. As the survey has gathered momentum and much interest, not only from the industry but the press, we have opened the survey up to include nanny agencies, nanny employers and the nannies themselves. This give us the scope to not only paint a clearer picture of the current nanny industry, but also to compare the different perspectives.

Every year in February our survey results are always hugely anticipated. Nanny Agencies use our results to guide their clients, nannies use them to compare their salaries with the regional average, and nanny employers often look to the results when negotiating salaries.

For more information on the Nannytax Wages Survey, contact 020 3231 4401 to ask an advisor, or take a look at our Wages Survey Archive for past years' results. You can also This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out the average nanny salary in your area from the most recent survey's results.

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Welcome to the new Nannytax website! Over the last few months we have been busy giving the Nannytax brand a refresh, covering all aspects of our image and, in particular, our website. We still have all the great features of our previous website, such as the Agency Directory, Tax Calculators and Advisor Chat but you'll find they've been improved and we have new additional features to make our online resource more intuitive for our visitors. Whether you are a parent, a nanny or a nanny agency, Nannytax provides the information you need and the services you require.

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